FRIENDS WHO SHOULD NOT BE FRIENDS….You know I am just as guilty as anyone else……Allowing people to remain at some poisition in my life that should not remain close up and personal or even at all in my life…In other words there are people that for whatever the reason I should have let go long ago but didn’t….I kept holding on thinking maybe I was wrong about them although my Spirit told me I was right…Right in the sense I was wrong to keep them around me in any sense…....more

My Fool Proof Break Up Plan

I am so happy that today if Friday!  It was only a four day week but man was it a doozy!  I am ready to come home, run a few miles, eat a salad and crash on my bed by 8.  My big plan is to go to bed at 8 on a Friday night, I am wild I tell ya, wild! This week I was picking May up from dinner with her friends and we started talking about moving.  We are moving in just two weeks and there is much work to be done....more

You are the EX: Here are the Ex Factor Rules

Of course, I'm not an expert on establishing bylaws or legal agreements, but I am now on the list of The Unfortunate Few Who Have Somehow Earned Themselves the Ex from Hell, and I'd like to lay down a few guidelines: Ex Factor Rules. Of course, my particular EX has no respect for rules, which of course, is only one (of the many reasons) he is now the EX, but I figure while I'm suffering I may as well humor myself anway....more

How Do You Break Up with a Friend?

How do you break up with a friend, especially when that friend was such an important part of your life at one point? I know, why would anyone want to end a friendship with someone who was once so valued to them? Well, the truth is, people change and the friendships that once fit like a glove are no longer comfortable....more
I'm more of a "let it fade away" kind of person as I really, really hate these specific kinds of ...more

"How Do I Cure A Broken Heart?" and Other Common Breakup Questions

So, you just broke up with a guy and you're feeling like hell. Or, maybe it's been several months and you're still feeling like hell. Maybe you're even contemplating getting back together with him? Breakups are tough. I can state from experience that being done with a relationship, especially after spending a significant amount of time in one, is a hard pill to swallow. Subsequently, there are several age old questions regarding breaking up that will always exist. Let's examine a few shall we... ...more