Let's Go Krogering Loretta!

Let’s Go Krogering Loretta!Posted on October 16, 2014...more

Do You Have Issues?

Here's another scene from the improvisational play that G and I have been working on for seven years.  It's called "Lost In Translation."  What?  Someone already used that?  Oh.  Well, then let's call it "New Adventures in PorkaCheese."  Victoria never could manage "Portuguese" so it turned into "PorkaCheese" and we decided to keep it.   Vivi calls it "Brasil Talk."...more

What My Southern Accent Means To Me

When I do videos, or I speak to someone who is not from the South, I tend to ease up on my Southern accent quite a bit. I can’t drop it completely, but it isn’t quite as strong as it is when I’m talking to my Mom, or Mr. Awesome, or my neighbors. For a long time I was a little bit ashamed of my accent. Spending a good bit of my life NOT living in the South taught me that once someone heard your accent, they’d treat you a little differently than they otherwise would....more