6 Ways You Can Avoid Gender Stereotypes of Your Kids

Kids, new research is telling us, pick up very early on what sort of behavior is appropriate for girls and boys. Even before they learn to talk, they’ve absorbed multiple messages about the role of the sexes. Young kids start out with a wide-ranging curiosity, and learn all sorts of things from the world around them. But as this period closes, kids enter the culture created by adults, a culture that guides them into areas the adults think appropriate. ...more
My girl and two boys are now happily married with families of their own. When they were growing ...more

The Stereotyped Communications Professional

This is a message for communications professionals (and majors) and those who stereotype them.It wasn’t until long after I graduated college that I learned just how stigmatized “the Communications Major” is, in this society. (A Google search of “Communications major stereotypes” yields almost one million results, complete with videos and commentary suggesting just how worthless Comm majors are)....more

The Stigma

Okay I wasn’t sure I was going to talk about this but once again today I overheard it.  The stereotype.  The stigma that is attached to the person in a relationship that is cheated on.  It is everywhere and to be honest I don’t think the people who are talking about it fully understand what they are saying or how they are impacting anyone.  Such is the way of the world on a good day. ...more

Midlife and Tattoos: Why I Ink

No, I am not barreling at the speed of light toward a midlife crisis, I'd like to squash that idea right now.Yes, I realize that at 40-something many people are removing their tattoos not getting them.No, I am not desperately clinging to my youth by pretending to be edgy and cool - I'm ALREADY edgy and cool, just ask my kids and then ignore their snorts and eye-rolling. Yes, I may possibly be out of my mind, but the crazy is what keeps y'all coming back for more so I'm  unleashing a whirling dervish of it here in today's post. You're welcome....more
I wonder where you live! I got my first tattoo at 14, my most recent one at 52 (menopause plus ...more

Flying in the face of conventional wisdom

Christina is someone who lives her life intentionally. She stays in touch with what she wants and continually considers what she can do today to position herself for what she wants in the future....more

What, physically, do I like about being pregnant?

When Andrea was thinking about getting pregnant the first time, she dreaded the changes her body would go through. She hated the idea of gaining weight in ways she couldn’t predict. She worried about feeling out of control. Also, she was generally concerned about fitting into what she called a “traditional” pregnancy image. She didn’t consider herself matronly. She didn’t want to look matronly. She didn’t want to be that wholesome, boring looking pregnant woman image that she often saw in the media. Andrea was clear about all that....more

Appalachian History, DonorsChoose and Music To Soothe Our Souls

I want to encourage folks to support the Appalachian History project at DonorsChoose.org. To be honest, it was tough to pick just one. This particular project however has life changing possibilities. Mrs. L's class needs 15 non-fiction books on Appalachian history and culture. The transfer of cultural information is a crucial element in visualizing success in your future. ...more

Thank you for this post. I have never heard of donorschoose, and appreciate such an easy way to ...more

Make mommy love, not war

Yes I am a mommy. But I am not now, nor have I ever been, at war. In fact, I’m not convinced that the much-ballyhooed Mommy Wars – which pit working moms against those who stay at home - even exist outside the pages of books, media and the minds of people I fear are secretly thrilled, titillated even, at the notion of women at each other’s throats. ...more