Get Ready for Breakup Season!

How's your relationship? Feeling distant? Communication has been spotty? Now's the time to dig in and do the work to fix it. Or risk losing it. Because the most popular time of year to breakup is only a couple of weeks away.  Thanksgiving through two weeks before Christmas is, according to studies, when couples are most likely to breakup.  Christmas day is the least popular breakup day.  ...more
DatingLaurel BlogHer I must be weird then, most of my relationships have started in autumn and ...more

Be Thankful for the Pain: 7 Ways Heartbreaks Shape You Into A Better Person

Most of us have experienced heartbreaks and because of this, we commonly regard ourselves as “damaged goods” or “having baggage”, believing we are not worthy of love or don’t deserve happiness. Well, my depression would probably try to convince me the same. But that negative d*ck can shut up now....more

My Partner Cheated on Me Last Christmas and I Wrote a Book About Betrayal

My Partner Cheated on Me Last Christmas and I wrote a book, The Soul's Missing Manual ...more

4 Signs That It’s Time to End Your Relationship

Ever want to break up with someone for a really long time and never have the guts to do it? Well…That was me one month before I started this blog. Except it wasn’t my boyfriend I was trying to end a relationship with: It was my job. You know that jerky guy that treats the girl wrong in all those romance movies? The guy who realizes what a big mistake he made when she walks away and moves on to something bigger and better? Well if my job was my boyfriend, that was basically him....more
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The Smartest Way To Take Revenge On Your Dumb Ex

Step 1: CryCry like you were just pushed out of the tightest vagina on earth, like you just banged your little toe on every piece of furniture at IKEA, like you just accidentally peeled that skin next to your pinky finger’s nail. Just let it all out.Call your bestfriend and dump everything on them for 4 hours, then come to their house anyway. Eat ice cream and stream shitty rom-coms on netflix while crying and fighting all the urges to contact your dumb ex....more

Still missing him

It’s been over a month, since my ex-boyfriend cheated and walked away from me. Only to have her move in with him a week later. I spent nearly five years with him. Five years of heartache and pain. It was a lot of work, loving him. Most of our relationship, I felt weak and little. Always look for validation from him, looking for unconditional love and support. I never did get it. Yet, I sit here torn apart and spend everyday, crying over the loss of us; the loss of him. That girl he moved on with, actually had the nerve to request to be my friend on Facebook. How passive aggressive is that?...more

At The End Of It All

The Greatest Show On Earth

I cried on my wedding day. And not why you think.

In the middle of a divorce.  Nasty.  Ugly.  Foul.  Divorce.I've been reflecting I guess.  Trying to figure it out.  Trying to review these 16 years of marriage.   Carving out a new life.And I remembered:  I cried on my wedding day.I bawled.  Seriously.  BAWLED.  I don't think he even knows why.  Hell, I'm not even sure he remembers, now that I think about it.I cried.  Hard.  Not because I was happy.  Not because I was sad.  Not because I was nervous....more