I've cried at the bar.

Like REALLY cried at the bar. Sometimes I get a little sad. Surprisingly, less often than I expected. I guess that tells me that separating from Sev was really the right choice for our lives. I remember when my ex-husband and I split up, I was SAD. Really, really sad. ...more

How Cooking With My Boyfriend Showed Me Our Relationship Was Toxic

Recently, I’ve come to realize that kitchen activities might be even more telling than I thought. I’ve let cooking become a benchmark against which I test the health of my relationships....more
My first husband would do that -- let me cook for him when he visited, and inhale the dinner I ...more

Love is a choice

Throwback Thursday: lessons from a harder time:...more

Are You Dating a Man or a Mannequin?

Ah, the dating world. How often do we get attached to someone, break up with him/her, go through withdrawal, sometimes even depression, when all along we never really even knew them at all?It’s like we find what may as well be a mannequin, and fill our heads with what we believe that person should like. Let me know if this sounds familiar…Sees a photo of guy with his mother: Thought: He loves his family so much. When we get married, holidays will be so wonderful....more
All too true and I've been there.  Great advice for everyone. This current relationship I'm in ...more

An Open Letter To The Boy Who Broke My Heart

Daily Prompt: Intense!Describe the last time you were surprised by the intensity of a feeling you had about something, or were surprised at how strongly you reacted to something you thought wouldn’t be a big deal.Photographers, artists, poets: show us INTENSE._________...more

The 6 Worst Break Up Advice Women Always Fall For

Whether you’re the victim or instigator of a painful break up, well-meaning friends will attempt to comfort you by showering you with exclamation point-ridden advice.Unfortunately, much of the most common break up advice for women sounds helpful, but can ultimately prevent you from making room for new love in your life......more

He was Treating me Like a Queen…And Then He Just Vanished

First of all, pat yourself on the back. This guy was obviously not the one for you, and you see that. Even though you admit you’re obsessing about the situation, you’re not pining for him or trying to get him back, which is a HUGE step forward in not becoming too attached to guys......more

My Experience With: Breakups

To put it simply, breakups suck. Unless you are one of the rare people in this world who married your first boyfriend, then you know what I’m talking about. Nothing unites a group of women more than starting a sentence with “We broke up.”(Starting a sentence with “Ryan Gosling” will also unite a group of women just as much, but for argument’s sake, break ups are universal uniters, ok?) Most women can relate to the pain of a fresh breakup and could probably sit and talk for hours about their breakup horror stories, the many empty tubs of Haagan Dazs, and bad rebounds....more