Letting go and holding on.

My breakup began around the beginning of January last year. For a long time I designated January 5th for when it all began. I'm not sure exactly if it was that day, but January 5th always seemed right to me. I didn't move out until February 16th, so that's when it will be officially the One Year Anniversary. So to commemorate this time last year, my subconscious has decided that every night I have to have some kind of dreadful, nightmarish, gut-wrenching dream about my ex; every night since New Years Eve. Every. Fucking. Night....more

Baby, You Don't Poke Me Anymore: How Social Media Complicates Relationships

Socially, we are more mobile than we have ever been before. But digitally, we are now more connected than we have been for a long time. No longer are geographic moves tearing our social ties apart. We now inhabit more than a physical space—we are also living in the Cloud. ...more

"Social" networks are over rated.  It is like we are slowly teaching ourselves how to ...more

Breakups vs. The Holidays

The holidays are approaching and this leaves with some mixed feelings. You see, my breakup began shortly after New Years and although we were still together during the actual holidays, they were still tinged with crap.Because of this, I’ve been thinking about what to expect this year when Christmas gets closer and I wondered just how much the memories of the breakup might affect the holidays for me. I mean, I was warned that my first holidays without my ex would be wracked with nostalgic emotional bullshit, but at first I found this hard to believe. ...more

Remembering it now.

"I'm not writing it down to remember it later, I'm writing it down to remember it now." -- Field Notes One of the things I learned at the start of this breakup was that my love of list-making and data-keeping was going to somehow help me sort all this shit out. And guess what? It did....more

Why you so obsessed with me?

Its been three years and six months since I broke up with my previous Ex. I broke up with him April 10th, 2006 when we got back from vacation (If you ever want to know if you're meant to be with someone go on vacation for at least five days, that's when you see their true colors and find out if you can get along...but that's a blog post for another day). So my problem is after all this time he's still trying to get back with me!! ...more

Reality TV - At What Cost To Your Family

I often wonder what people watched on T.V. before the phenomena of reality T.V. shows.  It seems to have drawn such a huge audience, and week by week, viewers want to know about the rantings between a couple or family, what goes on behind closed boudouir doors, who cheated on who, the expensive purchases that are made, swapping households, etc.  Its all in the name of entertainment, but at what cost to the individuals, especially the children that are on the shows. ...more

the boyfriend dilemma

Being the mom of three daughters i will have to deal with this issue more than 1 time, and that will even depend on how many boyfriends my daughters each have throughout their lives. At what age do you allow your daughter to date? ...more


We lay still on that rock overlooking the water Soaking in the heat and hypnotized by the breeze dancing across soft leaves Strangers play chaotic around us It's here that we are able to find silence Where we forget that we are headed down separate paths Yours to the world and mine to the four walls and tiny voices I call home We've always loved these places together Taken the time to unwind where our lives intersect And I always find you inside of me when I imagine my tomorrows ...more

Breakup 2.0

Breakups have never been simple affairs. No matter how quickly we try to tear off the Band-Aid, there’s the inevitable period of disentanglement between the initial conversation (“We have to talk…”) and the final separation (“Kthxbye”). And generally, the longer the relationship was, the longer this period lasts. ...more

Saying Something

In the middle of watching Say Anything , I realized I was and wasn't over him. ...more