the boyfriend dilemma

Being the mom of three daughters i will have to deal with this issue more than 1 time, and that will even depend on how many boyfriends my daughters each have throughout their lives. At what age do you allow your daughter to date? ...more


We lay still on that rock overlooking the water Soaking in the heat and hypnotized by the breeze dancing across soft leaves Strangers play chaotic around us It's here that we are able to find silence Where we forget that we are headed down separate paths Yours to the world and mine to the four walls and tiny voices I call home We've always loved these places together Taken the time to unwind where our lives intersect And I always find you inside of me when I imagine my tomorrows ...more

Breakup 2.0

Breakups have never been simple affairs. No matter how quickly we try to tear off the Band-Aid, there’s the inevitable period of disentanglement between the initial conversation (“We have to talk…”) and the final separation (“Kthxbye”). And generally, the longer the relationship was, the longer this period lasts. ...more

Saying Something

In the middle of watching Say Anything , I realized I was and wasn't over him. ...more

The Breakup Curse of the New Year

Breakups are tough, and for some reason I have found myself in complete dejavu of last year, another past horrendous breakup.  Like any life changing event that takes place, I am forced to ask myself several questions to figure out how a breakup happens.  ...more

Does any one stay together anymore?

Lying here in darkness I hear the sirens wailSomebody going to emergencySomebody going to jailif you find somebody to love in this worldbetter hold on tooth and nailthe wolf is always at the door ...more

Put Out or Get Out

After the age of forty or so, you think you’ve heard all the good lines. At least that’s what I thought until the prince (at the time still my younger boyfriend), uttered, “couples should see each other at least three times a week.” This was said with an air of authority and surety, like a cop pulling you over for a speeding violation, sirens shrieking and lights flashing crazily. ...more

If Your Man Is Keeping You Off Balance, Do This...

If you’ve been putting up with confusing behavior from a man, and it doesn’t feel good, I know how you feel. I've posted in my own blog many of my most embarrassing, humiliating stories, and how I stopped allowing that kind of “man who feels good but makes me feel bad” into my life - and I want to help other women stop allowing that kind of bad-feeling man into your life, too. Here’s a letter from Sheri, who’s going through that right now: ...more

When Your Boyfriend Wants Space - Focus On You

A reader comments: “My boyfriend and I for almost 2 years now are often more off than on. (On and Off) Of course I’ve done all the things should not do. However he told me he needed some space away from me. Has stopped calling me. I know we love each other, but how do I get him back. I want a committed relationship with him, he’s obviously not ready said he wants his freedom…” ...more

My boyfriend recently asked for space, but we live together. What do I do?


How can I ditch thee? Let me count the ways

Let’s see, a couple of years ago there was the about to be divorced friend of a friend who had dinner with me one evening, proclaimed his interest in doing all sorts of things together in the future, and then didn't email or call; behaviors, that, at the time left me totally shocked (I thought that if someone said they wanted to see you and then changed their mind, they’d pass that knowledge on.) ...more

And it's really mean when someone says your friendship is so important and then totally dumps ...more