“Loving Our Bald Selves!”

“If we can face life challenges feeling good about ourselves, we can often meet those challenges with more clarity, more determination, and more understanding.  At no time is such love of self more important than when fighting cancer.  Yet many women find their love of self becomes compromised by the emotions stirred when they find a bald, sick-looking person staring back at them in them mirror.”...more

From awareness... to action!

There are as many ways to fight cancer as there are types of cancer. You know that. You've already been touched by cancer, and your sharp, sharp memories are in many cases what moved 35,000 of you to read, and 350 of you to comment on my last post. Your words are powerful. As I read the comments, I felt your pain, your frustration, and your triumph in overcoming the wounds left by this beast....more

Mammogran guidelines not patient friedly

These so-called new guidelines are not designed to benefit the health of patients, they are designed to cut administrative costs. I had a baseline mammogram at 40 at the suggestion of my doctor. I continued every other year until my 50th birthday when a shadow was found on my right breast. I was diagnosed twice in my right breast with D.C.I.S. (2000 and again in 2004). I believe early detection saved my life....more

In the name of awareness (the FB color meme)

If you're on Facebook, you've seen the meme going around the past couple of days. Women the world over are posting colors to their status updates. Lots of black, some pink, some white, a virtual rainbow. It's a game that several of my circles (high school, local friends, blogging friends) are playing right now, and it looked cute if harmless. I wanted to play....more


Has the "Pink-Ribbon Breast Cancer Cult" Blinded Us to Other Women's Health Issues?

Author and breast cancer survivor Barbara Ehrenreich’s op-ed for Salon.com tackles the issue of feminism and “the pink-ribbon breast cancer cult,” she says isn’t helping women where they need it....more

The Loss of the Yearly Pap Smear

by Dr. Elizabeth Poynor...more

A Breast Surgeon's Comment on the New Screening Guidelines

by Alisan B. Goldfarb, M.D., F.A.C.S....more

Mammography is Imperfect But Essential, and New Guidelines Foolish

by Bonnie Reichman, M.D. ...more

My Mammogram Story

by Shelley Singer...more

The Folly of Limited Screening for Breast Cancer

by the Medical Advisory Board of Women's Voices For Change...more