She would crouch down to my level, hold me in her arms and whisper “Always tell me the truth, because I will Always love you.” At 6 years old I simply thought my mom was warning me not to fib. But now at 32 years old and a mother myself, my perspective has changed. I realized that these words meant so much more. Her words represented safety, unconditional love, trust, honesty, and moral values....more

6 Things you Should Know about Breast Cancer that are Rarely Discussed

  My journey with breast cancer started in 2005, and although I was miraculously cured by a new drug, my battle has never stopped. Being a "Survivor" is a term we hear often, but many don't know exactly what that means. After watching my sister get diagnosed five years after me, I literally had to endure it all again. Here are just six things we had to deal with? I'd love for you to add some of yours?...more

Before Breast Cancer I Used to DO Life, Now I EXPERIENCE Life

In the back of my mind I'm almost always thinking about what my next blog post will be.  There are days, weeks even, where I just don't want to write about breast cancer, think about breast cancer or even remind myself that I had breast cancer....more

Cabin Fever

Image “Khan1_zpsb4ffe94a.jpg” from thelastmonte’s bucket Step…stop…wait. Step…stop…wait. Step…stop…wait. ...more

Why don't we see more images and stories of black women with metastatic cancer?

chewsylovers Indeed. The more I learn of other women's stories, the less alone I feel and the ...more

Previous Life: Glass Block Crafts

What did your life look like before cancer? ...more

Celebration of Life

I roused myself out of bed in time to shower, dress and drive to the Sawtooth School for Visual Art. Today, in the midst of their usual offerings, was a class tailored and sponsored by Cancer Services. The hands-on clay workshop was titled “Survivorship Seminar: Celebration of Life Box.” The focus was to create a box to store memories from our cancer journey. Street parking was plentiful and free at this hour. I walked the half block on the brick pavers that flanked the unique architecture of the building. The roofline mimics the teeth of a saw…hence the name “Sawtooth”. ...more

Blueberry Respite

Thump…Thump…Thud…Clank….Thump…Thud…Clank…Clank…JACKPOT - OH MY GOD…THIS BUSH IS LOADED! Check this out…these berries are the size of quarters! ...more

Now That "Breast Cancer Awareness" Month is Over...

When I got my breast cancer diagnosis, I went thru denial. What? Me? Breast cancer? No, way! I have no family history! I do my "yearlies," blah, blah, blah. I saw the mammogram, biopsies, and double mastectomy I had as "out of body" experiences. Happened to somebody else.  Or downplay it, "Well, yes, I had breast cancer," I'd say to friends and family, "but.....not so bad," then change the subject. Then October started and "Breast Cancer Awareness" campaigns were everywhere! From "Good Morning America" to the NFL. Couldn't get away from it--pink, pink, pink!...more