Dancing before surgery

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that I don't think women should make the decision to have a double-mastectomy lightly. So seeing this crop up on the interwebs today is making me a little crazy.Before a Double Mastectomy, a Dance Party and also thisThis Woman Was About To Go In For Surgery. What She Did Moments Before Was Awesome. ...more

Can You Believe She's having a DOUBLE Mastectomy !!!!!

This Girl is on Fire!!!!On Tuesday, Deborah Cohan, an OB-GYN and a mother of two, went into surgery to have her breasts removed. But before the surgery, she and her medical team threw a pre-op dance party in the operating room at the University of California-San Francisco Medical Center at Mount Zion....more

Thinking Beyond Pink Ribbons

The focus on Breast Cancer Awareness Month has me thinking a lot about cancer. I’ve run, walked, and raised money for The Cure along with millions of others over the years, yet there is still no cure. Huge amounts of money are raised every year, but less than 25% actually goes to research The Cure. Breast cancer rates have increased by 40% in my generation (since 1978)*....more

Dear Angelina: Did Myriad Pay You?

You think she is all about sacrifice and helping others? Are you on the rah rah Angelina is such a hero train? Because let me tell you, she's not a hero in my book. People are saying "She faced cancer head on". What cancer? She faced the possibility of cancer, as do the rest of us....more
@Karen Ballum  @elaineR.N. thanks Karen :)more

The Turning Point

Back in February, I made my first trip to MD Anderson and met my new cancer prevention doctor, Dr. Powell Brown.  He was a soft spoken man with kind eyes and seemingly had nothing else to do that day other than talk to me.  He made me feel like I was his only patient, which immediately told me I was in good hands.  I told him my story and he listened intently, though he had already familiarized himself with my case via the files sent from KU Med....more

Ticking Time Boobs

So here it is...a story that's been long in the making.  The thought first crept in many years ago, before I got married, before I had kids, before I created a life, so to speak.  At that time it was more of an "F you" to cancer and it's supposed quest to find me.  I was angry and scared and devastated by the loss of my mother.  I am still all of those things.  But now there is an extra layer of worry and fear because I have a life now; a life with a husband and three children and this is a life I want to live for a long time....more
First off, I am very sorry that you lost your mom at such a young age, and that your predominant ...more

Thank You, Angelina.

Thank you, Angelina. Because the first thing I thought, after hearing the news story about her elective double-mastectomy, was “if she can do it, I can do it.” When I found out, back in November of 2011, that I have the BRCA-1 mutation, the  decision to opt for a preventative double mastectomy, followed by an oopharectomy, was pretty much a “no-brainer.”...more
@dvorakoelling Glad you shared your story and for the dialogue!  All the best to you and your ...more

Don’t just talk about Breasts…WALK for them!

Where do I begin, and how do I get your attention?  Let’s talk about BREASTS!  Does that work?...more

Huffington Post Fails with Teaser for Oprah Breast Cancer Scare

Dear Huffington Post: It's not okay to minimize a breast cancer scare. Yes, Oprah Winfrey is powerful, and yes, she is struggling to save her OWN venture and her magazine, and it's true that due to her power and influence, she often has been the punchline of jokes, but under no circumstances should anyone make light of her or anyone else's experience with a breast cancer scare....more
"The Huffington Post has its Black Voices, Latino Voices, women's section, and Gay Voices, but ...more

GenNXeix Medical Systems Announced Today: Out-Souring Of Electronic Medical Records With Our Staff Working From Your Location …

Press Release: < Presswire >New York City New York Barron Medical Journal Reporting:October 23, 2012 GenNXeix Medical Systems Announced Today: Out-Souring Of Electronic Medical Records With Our Staff Working From Your Location … Doctors Press Release:EHR Service Level AgreementPurposeNew York ( AP ) Gennxeix Medical System  Announced Today Outsourcing of Electronic Medical R...more