There Was a Problem With My Routine Mammogram

I can't even remember what I was doing before the call. I saw the name of my doctor's office on the caller ID. Normally I would let it go to voicemail because it was probably just a recording anyway. But I grabbed the phone because the ringing was driving me mad. It wasn't a recording this time. It was an actual voice. Then the voice said: The doctor would like for you to come back in for a compression mammogram and an ultrasound. There is a suspicious spot in the middle of your left breast. ...more
Funny you say that because after I got the call back I swore I felt pain in my breast! Glad ...more

Mammograms Better Than Thermography

I just went in for my annual mammogram and had to go back for more magnification views and an ultrasound....more

Susan G. Komen Releases Statement, Changes Criteria For Grants To Fight Breast Cancer

Just after 10am ET this morning, the Susan G. Komen For The Cure released an announcement changing their funding criteria for grants to fight breast cancer. The announcement came after strong response by women online and off, for and against the news that Susan G. Komen was ending funding to Planned Parenthood. BlogHer has reached out to the Komen foundation for an interview, and understands that their offices have been flooded with calls for comment. We will keep reaching out to Susan G. ...more
What will you do if this happen to you

My Mammogram Story

by Shelley Singer...more

The Folly of Limited Screening for Breast Cancer

by the Medical Advisory Board of Women's Voices For Change...more