How Facebook Can Really Help Women Connect

Taking action to further gender justice is admirable, but some people see Facebook's internal actions as out of step with this stated mission. The top comment to greet me on the Women Connect page, ranked up through users hitting the "Like" button, reads: "I'm glad that FB is supporting this but they also need to get their own house in order - for example by taking down misogynist & pro-rape pages and dropping their stupid censorship against images of breastfeeding." ...more

A World Wide Web of Hope

I was recently searching my computer’s bookmarked web pages looking for an orzo salad recipe I had enjoyed a while back when I came across a page titled, BabyCenter.Com- First Trimester. I smiled, remembering those early days of pregnancy when I searched the Internet for answers to the questions that kept my prenatal brain in a constant state of curiosity. Why am I so tired? Doesn’t any store besides Old Navy sell maternity clothes? What the hell happened to my breasts??...more

Breast-pumping breaks can get you fired

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled today that the company Totes/Isotoner was within its rights to fire a woman who was taking unscheduled breaks so she could pump her breasts. The court says it was not discrimination, and that the reason she took the breaks doesn't matter. ...more

(a) She was not breaking the law, she was breaking company rules

(b) How on earth is ...more

He's just not that into them

It seems that Theo has weaned. Every so often, I give it one last shot, just to make ABSOLUTELY sure that he has completely and irrevocably sworn off the boob. “Oh, come on,” I’ll say, offering him the breast just one more time. He has humoured me by halfheartedly latching on for a few seconds before squirming away. And then, last week, he took my nipple between thumb and forefinger, inspected my breast carefully, and said, “Ball.” And asked to read Goodnight Moon. So, we’re done. ...more

Why Do More Moms Stop Breast-feeding Early?

Breast-feeding is supposed to be a special bonding time for mother and child with added health benefits for newborns. Many new moms even receive lactation counseling at the hospital before they bring Jr. home. So why are so many moms stopping breast-feeding early?   ...more

Thanks for Nursing my Baby

I'm reading Meg Wolitzer's novel, The Ten Year Nap. It hasn't kidnapped my attention or anything, but the writing is super smart and I'm enjoying its topic: educated women who temporarily leave the workplace to raise children and who can't seem to find their way back. I just came across a scene that was killer. Moms and their babies are having lunch. One mom excuses herself, leaving her baby with her friends. ...more