Hi Ho the Dairy-O

The pump.  Men, you might want to stop reading here.    Every working/nursing mom I know has a love-hate relationship with their pump.  We love that it’s possible to still breast feed our children even though we have to be at work.  We hate the actual pumping.  It’s not just the pumping, it’s the disruption of the work day, the difficulty of finding a place to pump, trying to keep the milk cold, pouring it into those tiny little freezer bags once you get home without spilling a drop and washing all the equipment every night.  It’s the worry...more

Breast Feeding: The New Contraception?


Thanks for the info. We don't plan on having anymore kids so I'm not sure LAM will work for us ...more

Beyond the Boob a new Mum's tale..... and so it begins!

So Ive been considering starting a blog to chronicle my first foray into motherhood. I am aware of my limits however, I have a horrible habit of starting a project and not finishing... I am of course referring to the blog and not motherhood. And from the age that I fell in love with the idea of keeping a diary... I have been hopeless at it! However, this project is for my son and I hope that I will be a little more motivated to keep up with it....more

Nestle and BlogHer Sponsorship: Creating an Unsafe place for women

I just got done reading a friend of a friend’s blog, Leaky Boob[i], and since I had an immediate reaction, I realized I needed to write a response right away. I quickly looked it up, and all over the internet, I confirmed that this was the case… which honestly, I look back and am glad that I didn’t go to the conference in 2010, because the sponsorship of an anti-woman corporation for a pro woman conference would have been too hypocritical for me to feel comfortable enough to get past it. I’m sure it would have clouded my judgment....more

Conquering Breastfeeding Challenges

Mammography Office Down on Boobies in Breastfeeding Discrimination Case

"Congratulations on the birth of your baby and welcome back to work! We have a bathroom all set up for you to pump your breast milk. By the way if your pumping means we have to wait to use the can, we will fire your ass. Glad to have you back at work!" ...more

I had to use my boss's office. I am a bartender and that was the only place that had a lock and ...more

Let’s Go Green Together!

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, we wanted to share some quick and easy ways that you, as a new or expecting parent, c...more

Formula vs Breast??? My Thoughts