Breastfeeding and it's Stresses

The first time I breastfed, I did not have a pleasant experience.  Sore nipples, hours on the breast, dry nipples, I hated it all.  In fact, it was an emotional drain.  Every time I had to go out and it came down to feeding time, I would feel like a cow giving milk.  I also got stressed that no matter what, I couldn't take a break from being the feeder.  Pumping never worked for me, whether I tried the electric pump or manual pump.  I also felt that I did not have enough milk and Jeffrey would be on my breast at times for almost one hour, then feed 1 hour later. ...more

Learning how to kiss.

I daydreamed that I would teach my daughter how to kiss. No, not in some creepy kind of way but as in I’m the cool hip mom. Hoping that we would have this semiotic, close relationship like on Gilmore Girls. Who knows? Maybe we will. Right now she still craps her pants several times a day so I’m working on that first. ...more

A Tale of Two Titties

Let me begin by saying that I am a huge advocate of breastfeeding. I'm a dietitian and therefore must, if at all possible, breastfeed all of my biological children. That being said...ouch! If you are a man and don't care about my nipples, I suggest you stop reading now. If you are a girl that is pregnant at this time, I highly recommend you read the gory details. ...more

Sharing Blessings

I don’t have a lot to give.  I am not wealthy, I barely make my bills. I am not extroverted and have a hard time being social, I’m very introverted.  I’m not the smartest person I know, although I try, I have friends and co workers who are much brighter than I am.  I may not know what I’m doing as a parent, but I like to think I’m heading in the right direction.  Despite all the things that I don’t have to give or strengths, abilities or talents that aren’t out of the ordinary, I still have one way that I can contribute to this world.  ...more

Your donation will be well worth it to some baby or child whose mother is not as blessed as ...more

Mom, the Super Hero

I'm pretty sure Moms are Super Heros and Marvel comics will discover this soon and make a series of summer blockbuster movies along with action figures and McDonald's Happy Meal deals. I was thinking of this today, because I heard one of my favorite Super Mom stories ever... ...more

You should go to Hollywood with these images. You'll make millions!

Carol Marie ...more

Losing My Breast Friend

 was dressing the other morning when Sprite walked into my bedroom. She caught me with my shirt off and just stopped and stared, like she had never seen breasts before. We've only stopped nursing 3 months ago. Has she forgotten that quickly? I had nursed her to 13 months, our routine was down-pat. As soon as I had her in the familiar position, her head would turn toward my chest, ready to start nursing. I had used nursing to keep her alive in the early months, to calm her down after her vaccines, to soothe her when she was frightened or sick. ...more

Nifty gifts for nursing or pumping moms

If you're pumping, give a gift to yourself - better yet forward this to your hubby or significant other. Nursing Necklaces ...more

New Studies On The Benefits of Breastfeeding, and Controversy Over A Woman's Right To Breastfeed In Public

I came across an interesting article today, about a new study on breastfeeding, and how it relates to IQ. Even though I've been personally out of the breastfeeding business for some time (my son is 16 and my daughter is 13), this article still intrigued me, so I decided to use it as the topic of todays post. Surprisingly, this wasn't the only study (or news) on breastfeeding that had been released recently. ...more

As a person with a former sagging breast problem, I can assure you that breastfeeding need not ...more