5 Great Reasons to Ditch Your Bra

Indignant Teenage Daughter: OMG MOM!  Are you braless again?Me: No sweetie, this athletic tank has a shelf and pads built in.  I'm not braless.Indignant Teenage Daughter: Everyone knows that a shelf is not a bra and I can still see your nipples through those pads.  You're not going out like that, are you?Me: Why yes, yes I am....more

The Top 4 Things I Learned from my First Mammogram

After hearing so much about how mammograms are rather painful, I had a huge fear about getting my first one. No amount of cute breast-shaped cookies on Pinterest or #SaveTheTatas hashtags could undo my worry.Clearly, I knew that getting one was important. Having just turned 40 this past August, it would establish my baseline and start me on a path that kept me even more focused on my overall health.The importance of getting one was a given. My issue was, as it is in many instances in life, a fear of the unknown....more

When You Get A "Call Back" On Your Mammogram...

The first time I got a "Call Back" on my mammogram, fear immediately gripped me and I felt like throwing up.  My heart began to race and I could not stop shaking or crying.  My husband came to my rescue as the strong supportive mate that he is.  When they told me I would have to wait days to have additional tests run, he insisted they do them right away...and he also got the results the same day.  I KNOW...unheard of, huh?  Well, he just has this way about him; he never takes "No" for an answer.  That was two years ago.  I agonizingly went back to the brea...more
Had my first mamogram at 57 yrs old. Need to go for diagnostic and ultrasound? I have been ...more

Sisters: See You at the Mammomat


My Breast Lump Scare

A few days ago, I went for my annual Gyno exam. This is the appointment that I dread.  As much as I like my gynecologist, who is one of the nicest doctors that I have ever had, I fear this appointment.  I always have the 'what if' mentality when it comes to this appointment.  What if my doctor finds a breast lump?  What if they find cancerous cells in my pap smear?  What if there is a cyst in my ovary?  Too many 'what if's' going through my mind....more

Notes From NCBC's 21st Annual Breast Cancer Conference

With over 70 informational sessions to choose from, over 80 expert speakers, and over 800 breast health professionals from the U.S., Canada, and Europe in attendance, 4Women.com was honored to be part of the National Consortium of Breast Centers (NCBC) 21st Annual Breast Center Conference.  We were especially pleased to be part of a larger contingent of women representing Sarasota, FL at the conference - Marie Borsellino, Sarasota Memorial Hospital (SMH) Breast Patient Navigator, Cristi Radford, Certified Genetic Counselor...more

Breast of Fresh Air

New Trial Vaccine Prevents Breast Cancer in MiceThere's no greater buzzkill than the subject of cancer, especially that which threatens your glorious ta tas, so it's exciting to note that we actually have something positive to announce on the breast cancer front. CBS News reports that, in a recent study, researchers at Cleveland Clinic's Lerner Research Institute created a trial vaccine that was successful in preventing breast cancer in mice....more

A Breast Surgeon's Comment on the New Screening Guidelines

by Alisan B. Goldfarb, M.D., F.A.C.S....more

Opening Pandora's Bra?

I was watching the movie, Glory, the other night. I seriously love that movie. The first time I saw it, twenty years ago (gulp!) I cried for 45 minutes after it was over. I broke my rule of not crying in front of my family too. Maybe it was the sight of all those chest wounds that got me thinking, "I haven't done a breast exam since before I was pregnant with The Comedian". So I did one right there as I sat in my darkened den taking in the Civil War flick. What? ...more