Advantages and Disadvantages of Breast Implants

Cosmetic surgery is no longer a luxury reserved to the rich and famous. Nowadays more and more people are pursuing cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures. All patients wish to obtain a more attracting form and features, regain the youthful appearance and improve their skin’s overall and vitality. ...more

When Will My Bellybutton Stop Frowning?

     Many moms I know are using inheritance money to get plastic surgery.   I can almost predict that about six months after a parent or close relative passes away, my neighbor will have a new nose or new ass or one of those tummy tucks where the doctor pulls the flab so high that the bellybutton ends up between their breasts....more


Hi, reading your story has made me more determind to post mine!

I fear that people are not ...more

Cancer of the Breast Implant?

Ten years ago, I made a decision to follow up my mastectomies with silicone breast implants.  I was making my decision “back in the day” when insurance companies would pay for several opinions and more than one consultation.  I remember meeting with my plastic surgeon THREE times regarding my implant choice.  I went with silicone - bad choice.  They had to be removed in less than a year when I began to develop many strange symptoms (one of which was hair loss).  After two years of wearing...more

Murder Victim Identified Via Breast Implant ID Numbers

In a world where murder has become as commonplace as plastic surgery, did we ever see this coming? Murder Victim Identified Via Her Breast Implant ID Numbers. Ryan Jenkins, a contestant on the reality tv show, Megan Wants to Marry a Millionaire, was found dead in his hotel room yesterday, of an apparent suicide. And what prompted this? The murder of his ex-wife, Jasmine Fiore. ...more

Ha!  Well, that might not be the best and only reason to get them.  It's just a ...more

Bridesmaids and Olympic Athletes: Living in a Skin-Deep World

Debbie and I blogged this on Body Impolitic and thought after some of the conversations at BogHer 2008 that people might find it interesting: The New York Times is discussing a new trend in bridesmaid gifts: for bridesmaids as young-looking and beautiful as your dreams, you, the lovely blushing bride, can easily provide everything from tit jobs to Botox: ...more

Will Write for Boobs

Will Write for Boobs ...more

Tit for Tax

Apparently a woman decided to forgo paying back taxes and opt for a more expensive breast augmentation and face lift The News reported.  She obviously had the tax money before she went under the knife, but decided that improving her looks (I personally thought she looked pretty masculine and breast implants and a face lift were not t ...more

Shower Curtains, Breast Implants, Hair Dye, & Sweeteners: What Else is Out There?

"I am a research engineer that works primarily with materials. PVC is used because it is the cheapest durable plastic, and its properties can be customized with additives. Not only is PVC harmful, the additives are harmful too (if not worse). For women and mothers everywhere, pay close attention to the use of PVC in anything that touches you or your child, especially when it comes to baby’s toys and sex toys. ...more

Chelsea Handler, ,George Clooney, and Breast Implants

  Last night while catching up with one of my favorite late night shows, Chelsea Lately, I was reminded of yet another reason why I love comedian Chelsea Handler. She's not afraid to say what's on her mind, even if it contradicts popular opinion (exhibit A, when Jenny McCarthy came on her show to talk about the Autism/vaccine connection). June 12th's episode was no exception, when the round table discussion decided to take on the concept of breast implants. ...more