Like Ariel Winter, My Scars Are My Souvenirs of Life

The successful and stunning Ariel Winter from Modern Family received some feedback for wearing a dress to the SAG Awards, which revealed a scar from her breast-reduction surgery. She felt compelled to justify her fashion choice on Twitter: “There’s a reason I didn’t cover up my scars! They are a part of me and I’m not ashamed of them at all.”...more
Mine are mostly bullying or gravity related. I got quite a few more scars than usual, last ...more

Why I Am Considering The Never-Before-Would-I-Ever-Consider Plastic Surgery

Early in my adult life, I would see people have cosmetic surgery and think, "I am never doing that, ever!" There are parts of my face that I think could use a "redo," but when it comes down to it, these features are what God gave me, and unless they are doing me harm or causing me pain, they are what makes me look like me, so I've never had the desire to go "under the knife" to improve my looks. The one part of my body that I figured was going to challenge that thought process was my breasts. It has always been the topic of conversation among my friends - my large boobs....more
@FatCat  Thank you! I was actually watching Oprah last night and thought, this woman has all the ...more

Breastfeeding after a breast reduction

So a friend of mine, she will remain anonymous (HI FRIEND!!!!) told me the other day that she is preggers (I already knew hehe) and that she was looking forward to breastfeeding. (HURRAY!!!!) However, she is a little bit nervous due to having a breast reduction years ago. She told me that she has been reading up on breastfeeding and breast reductions, only to find some successful stories and some unsuccessful stories. So I told her that I would look into it and blog about it! So here I am....blogging! ...more

Less Breast = Fuller Life! -Surgeon and Procedure

The more I've considered reconstructing my nipples, as opposed to skin grafting them, the more I like the idea.  I worry about the ethics of getting areolas tattooed on, and I ask the opinions of others who share my values and beliefs.  The answer is unanimous:  Go for it!  Having a free nipple graft will increase the amount of work of caring for the wound, dressing it, and making sure my darlings don't bump or smash it.  And after a few weeks of that, heaven forbid I might lose some or all of them anyway! ...more

Less Breast = Fuller Life! -Insurance & Surgeons

Saturday, February 20, 2010 Today is actually Day 5 of my recovery.  But I want to tell the whole story, because I've been in active pursuit of this surgery since September 2009, and the insurance approval was a little bit of a bumpy battle.  This is a novel of a monologue, but for those seeking an insurance-covered breast reduction, I'm going to post it anyway.  The process of choosing a plastic surgeon, getting insurance approval, etc. etc. ...more

Me and the Girls

It all started the summer before I started high school. In that short 3 month period, I went from a flat chested tomboy to a very ample DD. Right away, things were different. The boys I used to play football and kickball with no longer wanted me on their teams instead they chose to stare and make comments about how busty I had become. It was a difficult time in my young life to come to grips with the fact that, to put it plainly, I had grown really big boobs. ...more

Kanye West's Mother's Death Shines Light on Risks of Plastic Surgery

This is by partner in crime, Mary McDonough. Last week, Donda West, rap superstar Kanye West's mother, entered an operating room to get a breast reduction and tummy tuck. By Saturday night, she was dead, apparently from complications from the surgery. She was only 58. ...more