Ta Ta to My Ta Ta's

Two days before my bilateral mastectomy I threw a farewell party for my breasts - a Ta Ta to My Ta Ta's Party- with my friends in Jersey.  Only in Jersey can such an event take place and for this I am grateful, because when you're diagnosed with breast cancer you can just disintegrate into a puddle.  My framily and friends raise me up....more


Good Morning Luv-lies,I spent the better part of the past weekend in bed nursing a cold.  {It unexpectedly reared its nasty head sometime Friday evening}.  Armed with multiple boxes of brand-named tissue, and enough vapor rub, cough elixir and ginger ale to cure a small army, I conceded to the notion of being a prisoner in my boudoir.  Between the sneezing, coughing and unplanned sleep 'events', I managed to get in a movie or two.  Chick Flicks mostly.  Nothing like a chick flick to soothe what ales you!...more