Why choose the boob?

5 Tips for Breastfeeding in Public

Breastfeeding is widely known as the most healthful way to feed a baby.  Unfortunately, there are still many controversies about women breastfeeding in public.  First time moms can get very nervous about nursing in front of other people and often see it as a huge barrier.  Every mom has a right to feed her child in any public area.  New moms can follow these tips as a guide to successfully breastfeed in public:...more

Breastfeed your First Child for your Future Children

When you welcome the first child into your life, you are overtaken with a love so deep that you didn’t know it was possible.  It is absolutely amazing… followed by absolutely exhausting, which is promptly followed by nerve wracking, overwhelming, chaotic and confusing.... ...more

I Broke All of the Breastfeeding "Rules"

I read a lot of information on the internet before E was born on what can lead to successful breastfeeding, good latching techniques, when to introduce a bottle, how pacifiers are the devil, etc. I also “broke” every last one of the recommended “rules.”...more
I broke a lot of rules too, and we're still going strong at 9 months!more

Hunger Strikes

What do you do when you have a baby who refuses to eat or drink anything except breast milk directly from the source? If the baby is younger than 6 weeks, you'll have a better chance at helping them get used to a bottle.  If they are older than 7 or 8 weeks, this may be a big challenge that can reduce everyone in the family to tears. ...more

Breast Feeding: Not as Easy as Just Whipping out the Boob.

While I haven't ever considered myself a know it all when it comes to breastfeeding, I am by no means a newbie on the subject. I breastfed my oldest son for a year, but he had bad acid reflux, I mean bad acid reflux that didn't go away until he was nine months old. Now with my second son I have been determined to make breastfeeding a pleasant experience for both of us and to do whatever I can to minimize his reflux as much as possible. Thankfully he is on a reflux medication, but of course it doesn't always help. ...more

Problems with Breastfeeding

I've worked with many moms who have one baby and yet have the twin challenges of difficulty with breastfeeding and postpartum depression.  A new study has confirmed what many of us know from caring for women, that the two are linked....more

Why Calcium is So Important in a Baby's First Year

Did you know that a human baby's bone mass increases by a whopping 300% in the first year of life?  Really!  Babies are absorbing and using calcium at a great rate. They are building bone mass at an incredible rate, as they build upon the cartilage and early bone that is present at birth.  And, what is even more amazing is that there is never another time in a person's life where there is so much bone being built....more

Myth #10: Breastfeeding doesn’t hurt.

Imagine clamping a mini binder clip on your nipples every two to four hours for a period of at least six weeks. Every once in awhile—just for fun—fail to clamp the entire nipple and merely pinch the end here and there.Are you wincing yet? Good.If you haven’t ever had the pleasure of breastfeeding, I’m hoping the mini binder clip analogy will do the trick. If you have (and it was so long ago that you can hardly remember thanks to God’s gift of mommy amnesia), I’m hoping this description will take you back for a split second....more

Breast Feeding Twin Nutrition Advice

A mom of twins, Jessica (not her real name) asked me the other day about what supplements she should take and what she should eat to  make the best breast milk for her babies....more

Does this apply to just moms with twins or all moms? Some of these tips seem like they could be ...more