Blood in a Baby's Stool

It's very scary when you see blood in a baby 's diaper.  After recovering from the initial shock and disbelief, it's time to figure out what's going on.  Here's something I learned from working in Pediatric Intensive Care.  Stop - take a deep breath - gather your thoughts - and then get to work....more

Bad Ingredients for Breastfeeding Babies!!!

Dr. Michele Brown OB/GYN...more

Why Some Moms Don't Breastfeed

Sharon, (not her real name) was so excited to be pregnant and was preparing for her baby's arrival. She had been surprised to get pregnant during a lull in her chemotherapy and had decided to postpone more chemo for her pregnancy. We were all thrilled that she was fulfilling her dream of being a mother.  I saw her for a pre-delivery visit to go over her birth plan and talk about her options in labor and delivery....more

Milk Monday~~What can you eat?

Breastfeeding, as we all have heard and read, is the best for your baby.  I don't want to make this post about another "breast is best" lecture.  I want to debunk a myth.  You have to avoid gassy foods, so baby isn't gassy.  I'm referencing an article I recently discovered on  ...more

How Old is Too Old? I'll Let YOU Decide

Dear Delilah,Your father and I are selective about which vaccinations you get and when you get them. This means that you end up going to the doctor's office more often than most babies for vaccination-only appointments to make sure that you don't get what we consider too many shots at one time. Yesterday, I took you in for one of these vaccination-only appointments. You were a delight to the other patients in the waiting room, by the way, "reading" your book, smiling and waving at everyone, and "talking" to the fish in the fish tank....more

Wordless Wednesday - Body by Boobies


Help - Breastfeeding Rights

Hello I am trying to find any kind of help or information regarding my rights to breastfeed my 11 month old son.  I had been a victim of domestic violence by his father and finally left September of 2009.  He was arrested and still awaits his trial for spousal abuse, child endargement and crimal threats but have already been to court for custody.  Unfortunately I was a stay at home Mom and when I left I had nothing.  No money for an attorney.  He of course had money for an attorney and he took the custody and DV order to trial.  The judge told me in December th...more
Sorry you are dealing with this, and just a thought, but could ...more

Breastfeeding and it's Stresses

The first time I breastfed, I did not have a pleasant experience.  Sore nipples, hours on the breast, dry nipples, I hated it all.  In fact, it was an emotional drain.  Every time I had to go out and it came down to feeding time, I would feel like a cow giving milk.  I also got stressed that no matter what, I couldn't take a break from being the feeder.  Pumping never worked for me, whether I tried the electric pump or manual pump.  I also felt that I did not have enough milk and Jeffrey would be on my breast at times for almost one hour, then feed 1 hour later. ...more