Breastfeeding a teething 6 month old.

I love breastfeeding.  In my fast paced type A world it is a great way to slow me down and make me focus on what's really important.  Like the time I will never get back with my last baby and the bond it creates for us both.  Enter the bottom two teeth.  My worst enemy.  I have no problem producing milk but this stage of the game is a killer.  We are easily distracted by kids interrupting, dad walking in, the noise of the phone.  In any case, things happen that disrupt the flow.  My baby has decided to test this by taking a good hard lockdown and...more

My Formula for Relief: Why I Stopped Breastfeeding

The day I stopped breastfeeding was like any other day to the rest of the world....more

Lets Talk About Mommy Guilt...

This mommy guilt thing can really derail one's inner-peace.  How can those sweet little faces cause such self-doubt at times? We have all been there at some point with our children. Sometimes, moms just need a break. Others may think we are "weak" because we admit to needing a little more time to ourselves than the occasional sneak-to-the-bathroom-break (in hopes we won't get caught by those tiny, prying fingers under the door). After all, we are human, aren't we? ...more

Why I won't be shamed into hiding the fact that I'm breastfeeding a toddler.

Image Credit: Tracy AtwoodPlaying with a baby doll this afternoon (when he was supposed to be napping) my two-year-old lifted his shirt, put that doll to his chest and said, “don’t cry baby. Here, have some milk.”I died.And gave him a nap pass....more

Breastfeeding Debate

Most of us know that breastfeeding is the new "norm" and young mothers can agree, infant feeding these days has become a contest of severe judgement.If you choose not to breastfeed, people want to know, why? Are you lazy? Are you selfish? Don't you want the best for your baby? Are you too scared to do what's right?...more

Let Go of That Breastfeeding Guilt and Get Angry!

I recently attended a breastfeeding education day featuring Dr. Katherine Dettwyler. She’s an anthropology professor, lecturer, author and breastfeeding advocate. She discussed a variety of fascinating topics, including breastfeeding and the media, her research on what the natural age of weaning would be in modern humans if we set aside our cultural beliefs, caring for children and why babies cry. The topic that really caught my eye, however, was addressing guilt around breastfeeding (or, more specifically, not breastfeeding)....more
Ohhhhh that stuff would've made me angry, too! I had a healthy 36-weeker who had a few initial ...more