Help! My Baby Won't Nurse in Public!

You know how I go on and on about how convenient breastfeeding is, and how you can do it anywhere, and you never have to worry about getting home to feed the baby, or running out of supplies while you're out, or needing to make a special trip to the store for formula or bottles?Well, all of that is completely true, of course.Unless you're my baby. Apparently.Because MY baby refuses - REFUSES - to nurse anywhere but in bed. He WILL NOT NURSE anywhere but lying down in bed with me.I mean this quite literally....more

Breastfeeding in Public: Just Do It

About a week after I delivered Sophia, I remember visiting the pediatrician for a weight check. The doctor wanted to make sure Sophia had regain her birth weight. I remember it being a particularly hot July morning and the air conditioner in the office was having a difficult time overcoming the heat and humidity. Sophia was fussy and I knew she was getting hungry. When the doctor came in the room, Sophia started to wail. After the doctor gave Sophia a quick examination, she commented that Sophia was probably hungry and I was welcomed to nurse her there in the examination room....more

Thanks for Not Freaking Out About My Boobs

I used to get uncomfortable around women breastfeeding in public. It's not that I found it unsanitary or offensive. I just didn't know how to act. Should I give the person lots of space and privacy? Should I carry on as if nothing was happening? What if – God forbid – my eye accidentally landed on an exposed breast?...more

{cross post} breastfeeding in public...

... Is not a terrifying thing. In fact, if you've ever had the opportunity to be breast to the wind you'll know that they are not really that revealed. Babe's face is mooshed in there and you can gently pull the top of your shirt down for coverage. Or, you don't have to. Because you are a feeding a human and that's not terribly offensive, but do you know what is offensive? Chewing with your mouth open and babies don't actually do that....more

Boob Hysteria

Earlier this month a woman attacked a Gauguin painting at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. while screaming "this is evil," it "has nudity," is "very homosexual" and "bad for the children." If that isn't sufficiently ridiculous, the media's coverage of the incident makes the situation even more bothersome. Comments Dr....more

CBS Tackles Breastfeeding Etiquette and Ends Up With Milk on Its Face

CBS released an interesting article and slideshow on Monday, just a week after World Breastfeeding Week ended. Perhaps attempting to be tongue-in-cheek about the hotly debated subject of breastfeeding, specifically breastfeeding in public, they managed to confused and offend readers. ...more

I agree that the slide show is confusing and I think the pixelated breast on the first slide ...more

No Boobs in the Cry Room

A few weeks ago I posted something on my Facebook status regarding breastfeeding support. Most of my friends know that I breastfeed my daughter, and while I am not of the Breastfeed-or-Die clan I am pretty well versed in the pros and cons of both breastfeeding and formula feeding and have opinions on both. ...more
Wasn't baby Jesus breastfed?more

My Bra Has an Escape Hatch. Fancy.

As I sit here, exhausted and embittered, I wonder if motherhood has always had this effect. ...more

Disagree, just be nice, please?

Yesterday, Her Bad Mother wrote a very thought provoking post on cross nursing.  She was painfully engorged after being away from home at a conference with no pump available.  A newly befriended mother with a hungry baby offered to help.  Catherine could nurse her baby, who needed to be fed, and get relief in doing so, it was, for her, a perfect combination of supply and demand.  Catherine's perspective is that the offer was a beautiful example of the wonderful sisterhood that can be formed between ...more

Bad Moms, Bad Moms: Whatcha Gonna Do?

So, you try to do right by your health as a new mom, you really do. You know that that's what you're supposed to do. Put on your own oxygen mask before putting one on your child, take care of yourself first, blah blah blah. You know that when you're breastfeeding, you need to be particularly particular about your health: eat healthy, stay well, not drink two bottles of wine in one sitting, that kind of thing. But what if you want to cut loose once in a while? ...more

I'm the tattoo'ing type and if the whim struck me while preganat or breastfeeding to get a ...more