Weaning from breastfeeding - the how-to

After I got over all of the heartbreak and decided to move forward with cutting off the boob and weaning my son, I realized I didn't really know how to move forward.  All of my googling led to articles about weaning a child who was over one, needing distraction techniques and whole milk, or articles about babies who won’t take a bottle, which wasn't our problem either....more

Breastfeed Just Once, and Then Decide

I stumbled across a rather polarizing article on why a particular author decided even before giving birth that she wasn't going to breastfeed. I'm not going to link to it, because I found it offensive and simply argumentative, but it can be found on the Mommyish site, if you care to go hunt it down. The problem I had with her article was that all of her reasons for not wanting to breastfeed were uninformed nonsense. She clearly wrote the article just to antagonize and not to convince or even to simply state her position....more
 @ashleymarie6 I'm glad you liked it. I read that article and wanted to yell at the author. Then ...more

10 Things Breastfeeding Advocates Need To Stop Saying

Editor's note: Today, BlogHer Publishing Network member Jamie Lynne Grumet of I Am Not The Babysitter bravely appeared on the cover ofTIME -- breastfeeding her three-year-old, under the headline "Are You MOM Enough?" The cover is generating quite a bit of controversy: It's shown up on Forbes under the title "Will TIME's Breastfeeding Cover Be Bad for Business? and on Politico as TIME Magazine's Provocative New Cover, to name a couple. Recently, Jamie wrote the below post for BlogHer -- a smart take by an attachment parenting and breastfeeding advocate challenging some of the behaviors she sees. Read her post, take a look at the TIME cover that's causing all the controversy, and let us know in the comments: What do you think? -- Julie One of the main reasons breastfeeding advocates are negatively judged by the mainstream media is their attack on formula feeding mothers as part of their defense. This really angers me, because I feel that some breastfeeding mothers are aiding in the attack and judgment of my family (a family that practices extended breastfeeding) through their malicious statements directed at formula feeding mothers. Photo Credit: Author. Here are 10 phrases all breastfeeding advocates should just stop saying:...more
Thank you SO much for posting this! I have a 3 year old daughter and couldn't breastfeed her and ...more

I Was A Breastfeeding Drop-Out

There is a deep chasm of fear and failure that separates the mother that I am, and the mother that I long to be....more

Breastfeeding AND formula feeding... together!

Little Sir: he did breastfeed for 6 months ...more

I remember balling and feeling like a failure when I had to give my babe a thimble-full of ...more

No Boobs in the Cry Room

A few weeks ago I posted something on my Facebook status regarding breastfeeding support. Most of my friends know that I breastfeed my daughter, and while I am not of the Breastfeed-or-Die clan I am pretty well versed in the pros and cons of both breastfeeding and formula feeding and have opinions on both. ...more
Wasn't baby Jesus breastfed?more