Info About Breasts for the Novice – What they do, what they are, and how they look!!

For many girls going through puberty, their major concern, outside of when they will get their period, is the size and development of their breasts.  Why am I blogging about this now?  Actually, it is because I was reading some of the questions that girls ask the experts and this topic was a recurring theme.  Being way past the age of caring about this in regards to my own personal being, I was glad for the reminder of the angst that puberty brings in regards to body image so I could blog about it and perhaps provide some reassurance. ...more
@elaineR.N. unless we walk around on our hands haha! i love these posts elaine, thank you so ...more

Nipple Sleuths

Nancy Graces's brassiere has been a hot topic during her performances on "Dancing With The Stars."  I am probably one of the eleven people in the United States who has never seen the show, but even I have heard about her alleged areola and/or nipple appearance. Nancy’s story reminded me of my own, less newsworthy, bra malfunction....more
@ ehris - Yes! You mean Boudica - her statue (probably my FAVORITE statue) is in London, ...more

The Penis Epiphany

Yesterday, while watching one of Allstate's amazing and super funny mayhem commercials, I had an epiphany: penises are ugly. I mean, really, when's the last time you saw a bumper sticker or t-shirt that said "penises make me smile," or saw a commercial with a woman looking at a man's penis like just the very sight of it is making her wild with desire? You haven't, because penises are ugly. ...more
Women are sex objects. Men are success objects. Mothers care more about their daughter's ...more

Seasonique--The Unexpected Change

One small package with one big surprise...more

Busting Out All Over

There are three little words that every big-busted woman out there has grown to know and love. “I’m up here.”...more

The Curse of the 'D' Cup

It is a misconception that big breasts are a blessing. I sometimes fantasise about my reincarnated self and she is everything I am not. A perfect, pert 32B; small, blonde, dainty, a jaw dropping hourglass figure and a manipulative seductress.  She (I) will stand around airport terminals looking sweetly incapable of lifting anything heavier than a credit card whilst looking for 'Mr Big, Strong and Handsome' to carry my bags. Such is the stuff of dreams!...more

I Love Boobies!

 When we noticed the 5th grade boys at our sons’ elementary school sporting “I Love Boobies!” bracelets, our reaction was less than favorable. In fact, we thought, “How inappropriate!” Two days later I was driving my 10-year old to buy one in every color....more

Padded Bras and Breast Obsessions

Do you ever wish men would stare into your eyes and not at your breasts? Do you wonder why the breast has become an eroticized focal point of women's identity. Check out my post at on Padded Bras and Brest Obsessions, and let me know what you think. And I need more friends, so kindly take me under your wings if you like or appreciate what I have to say on female agency and identity.  Regards,Marina DelVecchio...more

"B" Is For Boobies

Katy Perry wore a corset to stroll down Sesame Street and, in an instant, a show that has a long history of fighting for justice and liberty by normalizing things like interracial relationships and international cultures - and even homosexuality - became the frontline of America’s fundamentally prudish need to demonize and control women’s bodies....more

I keep thinking we're moving past the period in history in which we control and commodity ...more

Women With Small Breasts Love Their Shape

I'm going to let you in on a little secret: Most women with small breasts are happy with their breasts. In fact, I'd be willing to bet most of us absolutely adore our small breasts. If this New York Times article is any indication, what women with small breasts hate is not our natural shape, but the lack of sexy bras in cup sizes AA to B that aren't padded to the point of ridiculousness. If we wanted to go up a cup size we'd probably be considering implants, but the majority of women are not....more
I like enough padding to make me look smooth under a thin shirt (with no nipples showing, and a ...more