Moms Attack Moms over Covering Up

Just when I thought I have seen it all on CafeMom, yesterday someone posted a thing about the whole Kim Kardashian Breastfeeding comment thing. I got to the post just in time to watch something I can only describe to be a Mother Vs. Mother Cafemom Cage Match....more

Less Breasts

AshaB  ...more

A Funny Twist of Fate: Butches With Boobs and Femmes Who Are Flat

i walked towards the end of the hall, unsure of what i might find. ...more

Women at MidLife...things are getting lower!

Boobs On The Ground By Michele Herman, ~  There`s nothing like the feeling of walking past a guy and he takes a second glance at you. You look back w/confidence, smile and swing your hair. The only thing swinging these days are my boobs!...more

Rata-Tatas...An Interview With Two Boobs.

Ladies and gentlemen.I bring to you:  My breasts.I've decided to interview them for this post. Why?...more

The Breast Intervention

The Breast Intervention Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Kim Sisto Robinson. All right gals, here’s the dilemma. Half of us are wearing the wrong size bra. That’s right. We’re sauntering around town with sagging, wobbling, drooping boobies and let me tell you…it’s not a pretty sight. Women in America are swinging their ta-tas from side to side like old elephant trunks and it has officially become a crisis situation. ...more

The Boob Jab (And more about my breasts than you ever wanted to know)

Quick! What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word "jab"? For me it's something uncomfortable. A euphemism for how I feel when something isn't going my way. "I'd like to jab this spork into my eye!" I'd say with all the hyperbole I can muster and an eye roll. I don't see "jab" as something that I'd want done to me even in the best of circumstances. It doesn't scream pleasant. It's quick and to the point. ...more

Mabye the lack of permanence might be an attraction for some?  Not so much ...more

Have You Hugged Your Breasts Today?

 I could not handle being a woman; I would stay home all day and play with my  breasts--- [Steve Martin] ~~It has taken thirty years but I’m finally in fashion, honey. ...more

I'll be forwarding this link along to a few people who I know will appreciate it too. :) ...more

My Breasts are Not Boobs, Thank You Very Much

by Billie Brown I do not, do not, understand the unfortunate predisposition of the American public to refer slangily to the mammary glands of the female as “boobs.” ...more

Boobs, revisited

A friend of mine is getting her boobs re-done. That is, she had a boob job over ten years ago and now is going in for a, erm, regular tune up. Just like older homes need a new coat of paint every several years, cones also need some uplifting now and again, and I'm not talking ice cream here. ...more