A Plastic State of Mind

To augment, or not to augment? That was my question...  -Nadine Haobsh, BettyConfidential.com A year ago, I left my sheltered existence writing in the English countryside to take a job working for two wonderful, down-to-earth plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills. I've never been the skinniest filly in the stable, but I've always had relatively solid self-esteem, positive body image, and a healthy awareness of my place in the female universe. ...more

The Waiting Room

In case my mother is reading this, I'll cut to the chase: I'm fine. But it's a roll of the dice. Anyone who has had a mammogram knows that. And while the Grim Reaper may not yet have me on speed-dial, he has the phone book in easy reach. ...more

Breast Reduction

I had a breast reduction two days ago...My bra size was a 44H but I don't yet know how big I'll be once all the bandages come off.  The surgeon and I discussed a DD.  I think they might be smaller though.  He said he removed two pounds of tissue from each side.  Imagine four packages or sixteen cubes of butter being removed from your chest that were normally held up by straps across your shoulders.  The grooves in my shoulders look like a deformity.   ...more

Step Off My Body, Baby: I Want My Boobs Back

When my daughter was born in 2004, I was all prepared to breastfeed. I had the bags, I had the pump. I wasn't psyched about it, but I wanted to do anything I could to ensure she had the best in life. I knew that was breastfeeding. So I asked my doctor for the absolute smallest "good" window. My doctor looked at me like I was nuts, stammered around for a while, then said six weeks. I don't know if he pulled that number out of the air or out of a medical book. I've never heard anyone ask that question before: Probably because it's so loaded. ...more

Your comments are so well articulated.

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Is Naked the New Uber Sexy?

“Your shirt or sexy lingerie?,” I text My Favorite Scorpio. Honestly, the men in my life have it so difficult. I ask them the most point blank sexual questions about men and their perceptions of women. Then, I stand back innocently expecting an answer. Of course, the great thing is that the few men that are really close enough to me to encounter this triad of personally evasive questions seem to love to share the answers. ...more

My understanding about the Victoria's Secret brand is that they're
moving toward a more ...more

The Dreaded Mammogram

Being of the over forty group I should be getting Mammograms every year.  A recent twinge and burn finally motivated me into scheduling one that was "over two years" past due.  The scheduling person of course had to point that out to me.  As if I didn't already have a pretty good idea it had been that long.  Ok so why do I put it off? ...more

I Love Cleavage

I started writing about love songs, but I’d much rather think about cleavage. About a year ago I discovered my very own cleavage and have come to flaunt it. Flaunt in the way that a midlife teacher would, so don’t start thinking Madonna-flaunt (although I feel compelled to say that she is older than me). Think three unbuttoned buttons and not Italian stallioness to the belly-button unbuttoned. ...more

Sex Bomb or "Cinderella"?

September 2000 – I am pregnant! This is soooo great! It is my second child. We (my ex and I ) planned it and now we are going to have a baby! I am so excited! I remember having lunch with one friend of mine who has three children. Over the meal she was telling me that after a second child her breasts grew from size B to size C. She also told me that a friend of hers had her breasts grow two sizes as well! Ooh-la-la! This is good news. I love it! ...more

It's Mammogram Time!

I had my annual mammogram the other day, and the absurdity of the test makes it ripe for mockery. It's Breast Twister! ...more


Never, never, never underestimate the power of a good bra. I had forgotten what wearing a good fitting bra can feel like--and let me tell you, at least in my rather limited life--it approaches heaven. ...more