Never, never, never underestimate the power of a good bra. I had forgotten what wearing a good fitting bra can feel like--and let me tell you, at least in my rather limited life--it approaches heaven. ...more

Why She's a Katie Girl

HAK stands for Huge Ass Knockers. I got this name while I was studying abroad in Germany my junior year of college. This wasn’t the first time that I had received a nickname for my breasts. In high school there were all kinds of names, the one that still resonates with me is “Hooters Hooters Hooters”…you know from the movie ‘Big Daddy’? Where Adam Sandler’s character is making fun of his best friend’s fiancé for working at Hooters to get through medical school? That one was catchy. ...more

Lavender Fields, Forever

I took up weights this past winter.  I bore easily in the gym and was looking for something to distract me.  I also wanted to be ready for that day that George announced it was “Digging in the Garden Time”.  This is a time of year that strikes terror into all of our hearts.  ...more

Speckle of Dirt

funny! more

Euphemisms and Breasts, Discreet vs. Discrete

I want to get a few things clear...because there seems to be some confusion about discrete versus discreet, euphemisms, and breasts. It all stems from this breastfeeding debate sparked by Mill Baher (yes, that's intentional). Opponents to breastfeeding in public enjoy employing words such as "obscene" and "offensive" and "private" as well as phrases such as "whip it out" and "boob hanging out" and "private moment between mother and child" and "nursing should be discreet." Let's focus on that last one, shall we? ...more

Enough is ENOUGH!

Enough is ENOUGH! What do you American men WANT from us? Okay, I KNOW…but really…who is coming up with the stuff that is supposed to turn men on? Or better yet, who is the “someone” who tells us ALL what it IS that turns men on? Before make-up came along it was ruby red lips and pink cheeks. It was achieved by milling your mouth and pinching your cheeks. And let’s not forget the corset that made those curves curvier. Add a curling iron, stockings and higher heels to the mix of shorter and shorter skirts and dresses. ...more