Taking a moment to catch my breath

I took yoga in college, and I loved it. I felt that it was a great way for me to relax my body and my mind in the middle of a hectic workload. I learned how to stretch out my body, how to move for both relaxation and for energy and how to breathe. It's funny how often I forget about that last part....more

I Just Learned How to Breathe

I just learned how to breathe. Isn't that ridiculous? Fellow members should be newborns only, but alas there are many of us who apparently don't know this primal how-to. Learning to breathe has been on my long list of things to do, right between "order cat food" and "finish that pregnancy novel." (My daughter is 5 years old.) I've been told it will "CHANGE MY LIFE," Meanwhile, I've somehow managed for 4 decades on the meager breaths I've inhaled. ...more

Enough is Enough, I Want More

The other day someone from my past came along and found me on Facebook…I won’t mention any names to protect my friend… but I will tell you  that when we met we hit it off and became quite friendly; I will also say that if I hadn't  decided to do something for myself at that time in my life, we would have never met.When I was 30 years old, I decided with quite tenacity, that enough was enough.  It was time that I step out of my comfort zone and do something that I always wanted to do....more
Corinne Rodrigues Thank you for your comment It is something I am proud ofmore

does your skin need to breathe?

We hear this every day in the office. A woman will come and in while reviewing her skin history, she will talk about breaks that she takes from products, make up or both to allow her skin to breathe....more

Take Time.

We did it again this Thursday morning. We dropped everything and went out. Victor wanted to take his traxxas for a spin again, and I wanted to capture a few fall photos on the train tracks.About a year ago, we were in Virginia for the GC council session, and every night we were there I heard the train speed by a few miles away and blare its lonely sounding horn. I liked it.Almost a year ago, we moved to Abbotsford and just a few blocks away, a train passes every night and I hear it speed by and blare its lonely sounding horn. I like it....more

Just Breathe and more

Just Breathe and MorePhotography and Text by Jules Hovee Steffen ...more

It's Over For Now

  If someone doesn't listen to us, they are not ready to hear what we have to say. They may never be ready to hear our words and our meaning but they may also become ready at some point....more

Parents of Kids with Asthma - CONTEST

Through my job in public relations covering healthcare topics of various kinds, I often have an opportunity to share valuable information that will be helpful to my friends, family, and fellow bloggers who are parents, guardians, teachers, school administrators, etc. Therefore, I would like to tell you about an education program about asthma, specifically as it relates to children, just recently announced, that I have written about on my blog Mommy’s Point of View. ...more

Calm, Cool and Collected

Stressed? Rushed?...more