6 Wedding Planning Myths It’s Time to Forget About

Wedding planning can be so stressful. Everywhere you look there are checklists, websites, blog posts, etc telling you what you need to do for your wedding. And as if the process isn’t stressful enough, they aren’t all true. Scratch that. TONS of them aren’t true. There are so many wedding planning myths out there that it’s time to forget about. Brides are particularly susceptible to media and advertising. We see something and immediately think it has to be a part of our wedding day. We see something pretty and we buy it. We hear a myth and we believe it....more
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10 Websites to Make Wedding Planning Easier

When Dave and I first got engaged, I had no idea where to start with the planning. I think I was the rare girl who, even being in a serious relationship and knowing we would get married, hadn’t starting thinking of wedding plans! I had just graduated college, so pretty much all of my time had been spent reading, studying, sleeping, repeat. Being the master Googler that I am, it didn’t take me long to find some websites that had great wedding planning resources. Over the next two years, I would go on to find loads more....more

6 Ways to Be a Gracious Bride

Every engaged gal fears being called the B-word.  You know which one I’m talking about.  The one that insinuates that you’re being selfish, controlling, and/or unrealistic.  I’ll be honest – when you’re planning your wedding and things aren’t going quite as you had thought they would, it’s actually not all that difficult to slip into the role of a Bridezilla. ...more
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The Bridal Workout Plan

It's Wedding Season!...more

Get Ready For The Dress

A WORKOUT FOR PROCRASTINATORS   This is a workout for all you ladies who are getting ma...more

2 Weddings... One month – Jeans & T-shirt are NOT and option!- Part 2

2 Weddings... One month – Jeans & T-shirt are NOT and option!-2Colossians 3:12New International Version (NIV)12 Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.So... on a Friday afternoon, the bride to be and mother of the bride to be, found a beautiful dress, a dress we felt would be perfect, but then we also felt we needed confirmation... ...more

2 Weddings... One month – Jeans & T-shirt are NOT and option!

2 Weddings... One month – Jeans & T-shirt are NOT and option!John 19:2The soldiers twisted together a crown of thorns and put it on his head. They clothed him in a purple robe...more

Getting Married in 5 Days Apparently Makes You Crazy.

So, for weeks now people have been commenting on how calm I seem leading up to the wedding. That I don’t seem stressed at all and I’m the picture of a cool and collected bride. I mean, I’m paraphrasing, but that’s basically the gist. Uh, don’t sound so shocked, EVERYONE, I don’t understand how you’d expect me to be any other way! However, I think the calm exterior is my way of shielding people I love from the insanity that lurks just beneath the surface....more

Delaying Marriage is Not a Trend, it’s a Fact

By: Wendy Castellanos-WolfAs a woman in her thirties, I should be going to baby showers more than weddings, but that is definitely not the case. According to an article by Irin Carmon titled “I do…Or Don’t I,” people are waiting longer to get married....more