It's Sharing Time

Crossing over the bridge this morning I was reminded that it connected me with those I was going to see. What in your life is a cue to find a new way to connect with someone you meet today.?Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more

A to Z Challenge: On Bridges

 I don't know why I love bridges, but I do.Whenever we travel, I am always taking pictures of the bridges we pass... ...more
ladams900  I love the bridges in Washington D.C., but like you, I never get a good shot because ...more

Don't believe everything you hear....

....regarding weather from our local news radio station.Jim, the girls and I were bumper to bumper in yesterday’s storm, long enough to hear all of the Eagles game. When we had switched briefly to news radio, they said take one bridge home, and not the other.HAH!So we sat and we sat until Jim said,”This is ridiculous”, and managed to cross over to get to the lanes of the other bridge. From there, we got home in 30 minutes.Otherwise, if he never moved, we’d probably still be there.News radio? Why do you lie?...more

Build a Bridge to Paradise

November 16th - second blog post: ...more

On Reading Bridges


BlogHer and Bridges

This is the problem with going to BlogHer--it's like exercise. It makes you all healthy and energized. You come home and your thoughts feel cleansed as if they've just done a round of cardio and finished off the workout with a glass of carrot juice. ...more

Thank you!  And I'm glad you're going to be there.  And hope you continue to be involved and ...more