10 Things You Can Do or Bring to Make Your BlogHer '10 Greener

If you’re nothing like me, you’re already packing for BlogHer10, or at least making a list of things to remember to bring. (I always toss everything into my suitcase the night before and pray.) I’m here to remind you to bring a few items that can make your trip a little greener. Yes, it’s true that BlogHer has done a lot of work to ensure the conference is as eco-friendly as possible. (Read all about BlogHer10′s Green Initiatives.) But providing for the needs of 2,000 attendees is a monumental task, and the organizers can’t do it all. That’s where personal responsibility comes in. ...more

I did not attend the conference but still found your post very helpful....I can certainly use ...more

Summer Refreshers: Cool for You & the Planet

As some of us enter the "dog days of summer," we'll be reaching more often for a cold beverage.  But what if our cool drink of choice is actually contributing to global warming?  How many of us stop to consider the energy emissions created by extracting, bottling, and shipping all of our refreshing sodas, teas and waters? And what about the plastic bottle waste generated after that beverage is consumed?  According to the Container Recycling Institute, only 23.5% of plastic beverage containers in the U.S. are actually recycled each year.  But if we give up bottled beverages, what can we drink instead? ...more

we buy bottled water because out tap water is kinda not safe for drinking but we use a reusable ...more

BYO mug: Ditch the disposable cup and bottle habit

Toting your own to-go mug or reusable water bottle isn't just an eco-altruistic act. You can reap many more selfish benefits by becoming a reusenik: 1. Extra money. Whether it's a nearby Starbucks or an indie coffee shop, many coffee shops offer you between a nickel and a quarter off your drink for BYOing. ...more

Re: BYO mug: Ditch the disposable cup and bottle habit

Bringing our own mug or ...more

Reducing Plastic Waste In The Workplace

In addition to blogging about plastic, knitting animals from grocery bags, and training for a half marathon (okay, that one is kind of a fib), I have an actual job in an office. I run the accounting department of a small home care agency in the Bay Area. (What, you couldn't guess I was an accountant from the graphs and itemized lists?) And one of the things that I noticed when I returned to the office after starting this project is that we had been tossing out an awful lot of plastic. ...more