Downton Abbey Is Back! Was the First Episode Fabulous or Depressing?

Downton Abbey has become an obsession on both sides of the pond and American fans who have been feeling withdrawal pangs finally relaxed when the fourth season returned last night (in Britain the fourth season aired in September 2013). It's now 1922 and the look of Downton is still sumptuous, but it also seems a little harsher and brighter, as if all the soft focus has gone out of the Crawleys' lives. Image: BBC America ...more
kimskandykreations I felt the same way. I watched the premiere of the new season, but I'm still ...more

Another Proud Mama Pop Culture Moment

The kid has become a huge fan (on her own) of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, one of my favorite comedy shows. Whose Line Is It Anyway? is an improvisational show, with four comedians given suggestions from the audience or host to act out different scenarios. A wide variety of games are played on the show, including Party Quirks, Superheroes, World's Worst, Musical, Whose Line?, Questions Only, etc....more

We've Come a Long Way, Baby - from Downton Abbey

For everyone who tunes in to Downton Abbey for the fabulous period costumes and Upstairs, Downstairs-ish soap opera, those features were again in abundance, but this past Sunday's episode also turned up a twist — please don't read on if you haven't seen it yet and don't want a major spoiler. ...more

TVholics Anonymous

Grab a cup of coffee and sit right down to the always open meeting of TVholics Anonymous. This is a place for you to vent about the very shows that have you glued to the TV Screen plus all aspects of TV media from commercials, American and British TV old and new, those pesky infomercials, to even your favorite TV memories. You name it, we want to hear about it. Make yourself comfie and don't be afraid to speak up, we're all confessed addicts here. No peer pressure, just don't lose that remote! ...more