Broccolini with Garlic

Grilled Potato & Broccolini Picnic Salad Recipe

When it comes to picnic food, I can’t help but think of the American staple, potato salad. So many directions you can go&;151;I had to put a spin on this classic perennial favorite. ...more

I love to create recipes, and, of course, I LOVE to eat. Lol! And I can very easily imagine the ...more

On Broccolette: A Reluctant Love Letter

Oh, Broccolette, Asparation, and the trademarked "Broccolini." You lanky lovechild of Romeo's broccoli and Juliette's Kai-lan; you star-crossed succulence. So different from the squat crowns of ordinary broccoli, whose market variety consists entirely of "broccoli" or "broccoli crowns." Oft-organic, you sit smugly with the other pesticide-free greenery and look down your stalk at the baby carrots....more

Lasagna: Layer on the Veggies

My father-in-law’s favorite meal strategy is to “use up.” He rummages in the fridge and pulls out anything that requires immediate eating. He evaluates the pile of bits and bobs on the counter, grabs a frying pan and starts cooking. It’s never the same twice but it’s always (surprisingly) delicious. People I’ve asked about the cons to their weekly produce box say it’s a challenge to use everything. From the advice they’ve given me, emptying the box seems to require a vigilant using-up mindset, like my father-in-law’s. ...more