Thank You for Breaking My Heart

In my 26 years, my heart has never been broken by a guy. The boyfriends I have had, the men of my past, didn’t leave many scars when we moved on and went our separate ways. ...more
Yes, u are better for it:) Smile and go on. We all lose friends and get hurt. But life is like ...more

Dealing With A Broken Heart

Last week my heart got broken by a 7 year old girl who lives two houses away from mine. I knew it would eventually happen, but not this fast....more

How Do You Mend a Broken Heart?

With Thanksgiving only a week away, here’s a reminder about how to help mend a broken heart at holiday time Remember, if I can do it, you can too....more

Closure...It's Not What You Think It Is

Clo·sure Webster’s dictionary defines closure as : an often comforting or satisfying sense of finality <victims needing closure>; also : something (as a satisfying ending) that provides such a sense. describes it as a bringing to an end; conclusion....more

Ghosts Of Broken Hearts Past

Driving through a thunderstorm down the only roads I’d trust myself on during a thunderstorm; roads that taught me how to drive in the first place, a flash of a memory as bright as the lightning outside my car suddenly pushed me back through time.I might as well have been behind the wheel of a DeLorean.It was random, the way it smacked into my brain out of nowhere. A familiar feeling of shame and sadness rippled through my skin as my mind, without a second of warning, jumped to the moment I realized the first boy I had ever loved (it should probably be LOVED, since that’s how full my heart was on him), had met someone new only weeks after we had broken up and neglected to tell me about it. I found out through one of those old school AOL instant messages from a mutual friend who realized her mistake too late, her backpedaling no match for my desperate questions.That moment, that oh-my-god-no moment, that elevator slamming through my insides and knees going weak from pain moment, reverberated through my entire body almost eight years later. Time had barely weakened the sensation....more

Plastic Moons

Windy thoughts and plastic moonsBroken promises and a letter of doomSunsets fall and rainy heartsStorms rush in and we departSwept away upon a cloudThundered anger very loudStars awash and clear the skyTime keeps on passing bySlowly my heart starts to mendWhen he comes storming in...more

Will Red Riding Hood Ever Trust Again? Will You?

        We saw Red Riding Hood last weekend. It was one of the worst movies I've seen lately. That was the opinion of all four of us who went together. It did have a very surprising ending, and the wolf turned out to be....... well I'm not telling just in case you lose your mind and decide to go waste some time and see it. The moral of the story seemed to be: you can't trust anyone, watch your back!...more

Rebound women

It's been said that when your heart has been broken, the best way to heal is to get back out there and start dating again.  While this seems a good way to begin the mending process - taking your mind away from the hurt, feeling wanted again, regaining your pride - there's one important thing that you should keep in mind.  Regardless of how determined you are to move on, you're on the rebound. Read more Rachael R. Lorenz She Should have It...more


BlindHow did I get here,so far away.From everything I once knew, In a foreign place.You were my true love,but I didn't know.I was so stupidto let you go. Now you're married to another,with two children of your own,and I'm left here standing,left all alone. Why can't we press replayand relive that Summer?I want to feel your lips on mine again,I don't want you with another....more