How to Get Over a Bad Breakup

Some women have a knack for getting over a breakup. They give themselves a day or two to mourn the loss of the relationship, and then they hit the dating scene again with gusto. They never look back. Their motto: Nothing helps you get over the last guy like the next guy. On the other hand, too many women can’t shake a lost love because they’re unwilling to accept that the relationship is over. They replay old conversations in their heads. They obsess over what they should have done to avoid the breakup. They arrange to bump into the guy and convince him he’s made a mistake. ...more

A formal apology to my heart

Memorandum To: My Heart From: Heather B. Date: February 10, 2009RE: Apology It has recently come to my attention that I owe you an apology. A groveling, on my hands and knees begging for forgiveness type apology. As if pleading will get you to understand why we have the relationship that we do: Fairly normal and sturdy with gentle slopes then sudden drop offs as we traverse this life of ours. ...more

Why Can’t I Find My Soulmate?

The Answer May Surprise You. The disappointment I hear in the voices of the women who are lonely and looking for romance in their lives is haunting. “Why do I keep attracting the jerks and losers?” “All of the men in my age group are married or satisfied with being single.” “What if I never meet the love of my life?” ...more

He's Still In My Dreams - Teaching Me About Love

This is a personal story about a man who didn’t “work out” but who still shows up from time to time in my dreams…. I was 12 years older than him, but we didn’t know it. It was a long time ago, and I’ll always think I almost married him - white picket fence and all. I met him in a computer store, in the early days of computers, when I was an actress writing screenplays, and he made his living pulling the backs off computers and switching the parts around inside before he closed them back up. ...more

that instant spark is something magical.  It's overwhelming.  It's powerful... and it's ...more

Love or Something like it...

Life was so simple when I started out. Just out of college,stepping into a brand new world, everything I wanted was for me to take….Friends, money, career, love, fun. Who knew everything has a price… that life would tempt you with little bit of happiness and just when you think youare the luckiest person in the world, it just screws you…BIG TIME ...more

Why do you have to see him? If it's so hard, can't you give up the friendship? Maybe it's ...more

in the name of pluck

i wrote yesterday about a conversation i had with my mom where she asked me where my spunk was. and by golly, i think i’ve started to find it. ...more

Confessions of an Insomniac: Missing cat, broken heart

Scratch all that “make 2008 count” crap … Despite my many attempts to bring sunshine into 2008, a large storm cloud hovers above my head mocking any effort I make towards finding happiness. My cat is missing ... Read the rest of this entry >> ...more

Moving On, Letting Go

Have you ever been in love? Did you get your heart broken at some point in your life? Have you experienced unrequited love? ...more