Getting Crawled - It's more fun than you think

You heard me. Getting crawled sounds like something vastly unpleasant like a scene out of The Matrix, but it's actually quite enjoyable once you get used to it. ...more

10 Actions to Improve Your Search Engine Visibility

Here is a new article by Web Success team's Bob Speyer about how to improve Search Engine visibility in today's competitive world.Search Engines are a way of life and your ability to be viewed will impact your business. So how can you improve your ranking and better compete with the competition? Here are 10 easy ways to improve your site’s visibility and make an immediate impact: Action 1: Search Engine Verifications...more

Web Success Team-When Good Intentions Create Bad Web Results

The goal of any website is to engage the visitor, give him a positive first impression, and motivate him to learn more. Unfortunately, sometimes the opposite effect takes place. Many websites overpower the viewer with clashing colors, distracting flash videos, inappropriate music, and much more. People react to clarity, organization, benefits, overall composition and readability. They are focused on their needs and search accordingly. Anything distracting is annoying and gives them a reason to leave — so don’t give them that “excuse.” ...more