Activity Page for ElaineR.N.

Activity Books were popular when I was a kid and I loved them. Big, thick, coloring book type, newsprint paged, goldmines of things to see and do.There were puzzles, cut outs, paper dolls, rhymes, rebus brain teasers and lots more. It was enough to keep me occupied for days as I worked my way around the pages that captivated me with scissors and paste. Especially when I was sick. I would stay happily in bed with my crayons, pencils and my play books.  I was warm and snug while creating great things and merry wonderment....more
@elaineR.N. Elaine! Good idea and thanks so much for that thought. I am glad you liked ...more

Broken Wrists are Great Conversation Starters

A quick game of 2 lies and a truth:  I killed a man but right before I did, he broke my wrist.  I got hit by a deer while walking home, and was severely wounded and almost died, but miraculously walked away with just a broken wrist. I fell down the stairs at work and am typing everything with my left hand..    ...more

Handy Dandy garlic crusher that is!