Living With Power, Surrounded by the Dark

My mom and I have been blogging Hurricane Sandy from Long Island and Brooklyn, respectively. ...more
Thank you for writing this evocative piece, Carsen. It's chilling (and your photos are incredible.)more

Vegan Eats in Brooklyn

Despite having spent so much time in Manhattan, I'm not ready to leave without looking into the delicious, healthy and vegan eats available across the East River in Brooklyn! So many hip neighborhoods and so much good food, let's get started!...more

Lunch Date

The Friday lunchtime special at the small diner (known as “The Luncheonette”) in my neighborhood was called The Junior. It consisted of a smaller than usual hamburger, a handful of crinkle-cut French fries, a small Coca-Cola (in a real glass), and a dill pickle spear (my favorite part)....more

Home at last in Kensington Brooklyn

The pride of America flying from the front of our houseAfter 3 months living in a ...more
Welcome! I hope your arrival and stay will be an easy transition and a comfortable stay. I am ...more

Heart Connection- Upcycled

Hello BolgHer readers:I recently added another upcycled item to my shop: Heart Connections Sketch Book. BlogHer readers get a 10% off on any purchases. Mention this coupon at the time of purchase: BLOGHER10You can look at the Heart Connections Sketch Book at: ...more

Back To The Beginning

When I think back to the beginning I can still sort of remember my natural hair color. Almost.I was eighteen years old, and full of hope for my future acting career in New York City.I just knew it wouldn't be long before an agent or director plucked me from the crowd of unknowns and made me a star.If I can make it here I can make it anywhere right?Well who'd have thought it would be so effing hard to make it here! Christ!I had moved to the big city from the small city completely unarmed in life skills and short on money....more

Listening Room # 3 - Alisha - Alisha (Self-Titled)

Alisha - Alisha (1985) on Vanguard If you didn't know it, you may mistake this teen hot shot from the 80s for Madonna. But her debut dance-pop album has her own unique, Brooklyn attitude, and easily danceable tunes to it. ...more

A girl and her bags

My aunts like to tell me that my mother used to be cool. Huge emphasis on the past tense. She smelled of leather and Doublemint gum and each time she came to visit her younger siblings she carried a new bag. When I was around eight years old, she introduced me to the source of her leather bags at a Coach outlet store in Vermont. The one thing I remember is the moment my olfactory senses burst when smacked in the face with the scent of handbags. My mother liked the pure leather finish and found her bags most exceptional when they hit that perfectly worn sweet spot. ...more

I've never heard of that brand, but you better believe I'll be looking into it!  Thanks for ...more

One-Poem Review: Mia Yun’s Brooklyn, First Spring

Mia Yun's "Brooklyn, First Spring" in The Evergreen Review #116 could use some pruning to bring out the beauty of the dogwood and magnolia.   Read more at Daughter of the Ring of Fire ...more