A Big Mac and His Guitar

Adam is in the ICU once again.  He is fifty-three years old and over the last thirty-five years he has been hospitalized many times.  The length of stay and frequency of his visits has increased dramatically, though during the these last four months....more

Special Day

My Brother Bob is sixty-three today and I am blessed to have him as a brother. Without him, there would have been no taking care of Mom at home. The past four years have worn us down, but with God’s help, we are both here. I love him to the ends of the earth and wished him this morning in Polish,”Sto Lat”, meaning may you live a hundred years. ...more

Something Else

  I didn’t mean to hurt you. That time I said he was my favorite. Brother. It’s not that   What I meant was  Well, you’re different. You’re something else.            I will give you this: you never came at me with stealth, a certain anarchy oozing from your pores. And not once did you approach me hands choke hold ready and cheeks stoplight red but forging through anyway. You were different. A low tide. Quiet, steady....more

Beverly Hills 9021-No

Awhile ago my little brother Lunchbox hit me some news: he was looking at engagement rings for his girlfriend. Awwww…. And he and his girlfriend were moving to California…. No. …in a couple months…. NOOOOOOO! My first question to him: Are you taking Percy with you?...more
Aww. I wish I liked my brother like that. :(more

Looking Back 7 Years

Seven years ago today. Its a blur, a distant memory, yet it stands clearer in my mind than probably any other event if my life.It was a sunny Saturday morning. The day before Mother's Day. The long awaited day for this southern girl to finally get to plant her flowers since we made it out of the northern freeze period. I was 6 months pregnant with Evan. Life was good....more

A Sunday Afternoon, circa 1969

I saw this picture for the first time yesterday. It's a picture of two children that I once knew - my brother and me. In this picture, I am right around 8 years old, he is probably six. We are sitting on a sofa in my Great Aunt Genie's apartment in New York City, somewhere around 72nd Street and Madison Avenue - I can't remember exactly. I have no recollection of this picture, or this day, or what we were eating - but I can tell you this for sure - I was mind-numbingly bored....more
 @HomeRearedChef Thank you so much, Virginia! I'm sorry about the loss of your brother. Even ...more


Hi folks, I am back after a few days of not blogging, but I come bearing good news. I finally managed to get a job offer and I shall be starting work again next Wednesday. Wish me luck. It is not the job of my dreams, and it is a contract positiion, but I am not in a position where I can pick and choose. In these days of unemployment and recession, I am just happy to get a job. It is a good company and the working environment looks good, besides it is quite close to home....more
Congratulations on the new job! more

Oh, My Brother

I am not quite sure where to begin, but I guess I'll start wherever my memories land me.He had very dark brown, almost black hair. He had thick black eyebrows and deep dark brown eyes.  He had a dark side to go along with his looks.The kids in the neighborhood called him "Hurricane" because of his uncontrollable temper.The strongest memories, including the earliest ones, I have of him are filled with anger.He was angry and he generated angry feelings in those around him....more

On This Day, Your Birthday, I Still Miss You, Little Brother!

This year he would have been 54-years old. My childhood friend, my playmate, my little brother, is gone! There is a hole in my heart, an ache for the boy I once knew. As children we laughed, fought, lied, and got into trouble, together. As adults we talked, laughed, fought, made-up, and even prayed together....more
Thank you for your most kind and thoughtful words, Nora. I know in my heart we'll meet again. ...more

Brotherly Love

When our youngest was first born his older brother wasn’t exactly impressed. When babies are so little all they do is sleep or drink milk, not exactly fun stuff for a pre-schooler. But now that our youngest is fifteen months, he and his brother have so much fun together....more