It's All Good

The other day my daughter LIzzy and I were out to lunch with my parents. I was having so much fun watching her tell our favorite waitress what she wanted to order....more

“There is a little boy inside the man who is my brother ...” *

  My brother will turn fifty this month. Why is it harder to picture a sibling aging than it is your own children?...more

Are We There Yet?

It always took forever and a day to get to Granny and Grandad's.  Know why?  'Cause my dad drove so daggone slow!  Do you have any idea how long it takes to get the 45 miles between Huntington and Charleston, West Virginia, when you drive 45 miles an hour?  Darn tootin' it takes an hour!  And that's if no one got car sick.  Whenever that happened, we always had to pull over and let whoever barf in the designated coffee can.           My three older brothers and I tried to make the time go faster....more

Off The Fence and Out Of The Closet

By Guest Blogger, Adrienne Mosse So there I was lying in my crib, a newborn in the hospital, just hangin’ out with the other newborns in the nursery, and something just didn’t feel right. I knew I was different from all the others, but I just couldn’t pinpoint what it was… Okay, I didn’t quite know THAT young, but I may as well have....more

in response: what it means to be an aunt

being an aunt to me is knowing that there is someone else out there that my child can depend on just as much as they do me. someone that i can trust to do the right thing for my child, and while it is true that not all aunts make great aunts, i am pretty lucky  that my daughters have both an aunt and an uncle who love them like their own. my girls were the only grandchildren in the family until last year when i was finally made an aunt by my brother, my 49 year old sister has no kids, and my brother is in his late 30's. ...more