Brown Sugar and Chili-Rubbed Salmon with Avocado Crema

If you love avocado as much as I do, you totally have to make this Brown Sugar and Chili-Rubbed Salmon with Avocado Crema....more

Yes! Films About Black Writers Do Exist... (Part Two)

 I wonder where I would be if these films had not come along from the time I was 20 until I was 25… Love Jones (1997)...more

Brown Sugar Hot Chocolate

Ask A Scientist: Rock Hard Sugar

Question: Why does brown sugar harden when stored improperly while white sugar doesn’t?...more

A Touch of Spice

A Touch of SpiceSo I've been allowed to have a bit of a play in the kitchen - and I thought that I would have a play with Moroccan Spices; turmeric, coriander, cumin, ginger. I was surprised at how quickly the meal came together (although I did marinate the meat the night before). If you're looking for something with lots of flavour and the something which is ready in less than 20 minutes (20 MINUTES!!) than this dish is for you.Moroccan Lamb and Apricot CouscousSpiced Moroccan Lamb3 lamb back-straps (or lamb fillets)1/2 cup apricot nectar...more

brown butter barbecue basted whole chicken

I know what you're thinking. A whole chicken? I don't think so. It's okay, I promise. Especially when you take some help from the grocery store and buy a whole chicken already cut up. It's not that expensive either! Score. It gets even better when you brush a brown butter barbecue sauce all over the chicken before grilling it. ...more