Should the Anthrax Case Really Be Closed?

If the U.S. Department of Justice thought its Feb. 19 announcement of the end of its probe into the 2001 anthrax terrorist attacks was going to silence doubters, they have been quickly disabused of that notion. According to the federal investigators, former scientist Bruce Ivins was the sole perpetrator of the 2001 attacks that killed five people and sickened 17 others. Ivins died in July 2008 just before he was to be indicted for the attacks. His death was ruled a suicide. ...more

Suspect's death deepens questions about anthrax probe

News reports say that federal authorities are confident that a top research scientist charged with creating new defenses against biological agents is responsible for the 2001 mailings of letters containing anthrax spores that kiled 5 people and wounded 17 more. However, in the wake of that scientist's apparent July 29 suicide, friends, colleagues and independent observers are skeptical. ...more