Bruce Springsteen talks life and music career with Stephen Colbert

Bruce Springsteen has made the media rounds promoting his upcoming biography, Born to Run. This past Friday night, celebrating his 67th birthday, Springsteen sat during the four segments of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert to talk about his 50-year music career, life and the current state of politics....more

The Hypocrisy of Bruce Springsteen

Diana at Sew Very CraftyThe Hypocrisy of Bruce Springsteen...more

Life Lessons: Bruce Springsteen Can't Play Basketball and Kobe Bryant Can't Carry a Tune

I've been practicing basketball with my son. This is the equivalent of saying that Paris Hilton is your math tutor. The chances of advancement are slim to none. I'm not afraid to say out loud, the kid is the worst one on his team. It's six-year-olds playing in a no-score game. Being the worst one is saying a lot. They're all terrible, but he's worse. He's very good at running back and forth on the court. Other than that, it's just not his game....more

Exercising with the Boss

At fifteen months, Charlie is getting us to do things that we physically might not ordinarily do. We do it to see the smile on his face and to hear his belly laugh – even if it might be to our own detriment.  But it seems that our grandson is talented in a way we never expected: he is actually a physical therapist! And, here is his prescription for our ailments:...more

(VIDEO) Lady Gaga, Sting, Elton John, Debbie Harry, Shirley Bassey and Bruce Springsteen Cover Journey and Madonna

Even in her convalescence, Erin Kotecki Vest finds the good stuff. Check out these unbelievable videos from what was apparently the Best.Concert.Evah. ...more

I almost peed my pants that was so darn funny.

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Poetry Friday: A Jersey Girl and the Poet Springsteen

by Laura Baudo Sillerman...more

Glory Days

Yesterday while feeding my son lunch, Bruce Springsteen's song "Glory Days" came on the radio.  This is a song I have probably heard a thousand times, but yesterday I realized how sad that song actually is.  A high school jock in his middle aged years still viewing his high school years as his "glory days" is depressing to me. ...more

New Music from Female Favorites (and some new discoveries)

Melissa, Annie, Joni and Faith. Do I need to tell you their last names? Probably not given how successful each of these artists have been. These four women have new CDs out so if you're looking for some new tunes checking out these offerings might be a good place to start. Annie Lennox's latest is "Songs of Mass Destruction," released today..  The video for the first single "Dark Road" highlights the undercurrent of unease felt during wartime which weaves a thematic thread through much of these artists' work without being outright protest songs. ...more

It's the voice I wouldn't mind hearing when I die. The band is more

New Bruce Springsteen Music - Free For One Week Only - Plus Another Artist to Discover

Whitney Matheson at Pop Candy shares a Bruce Alert... The first single from his forthcoming record Magic, "Radio Nowhere" is available as a free download from iTunes, directly from Bruce, in the UK from Guardian Unlimited, and "nice Swedish girl" Cecilia at Rock Sellout informs us that Swedish newspaper Expressen is also offering the free download. Whitney Matheson offers this assessment: My friend Patrick swears Radio Nowhere has kind of an 867-5309 (Jenny) vibe, and he's not alone. "You hear it at the very beginning and it's hard to let go, even as the song goes elsewhere," Patrick told me. Who would've guessed The Boss would ever be likened to Tommy Tutone? ...more

Thanks so much for sharing that information.

What do you think of the song?