Boston Bruins Outlook After Sochi

Entering the Olympics break the Bruins managed to amass 78 points on 37 wins boasting the best record in the Atlantic division, But as the season grinds on the tests are only going to get harder. Here's a look at the Bruins Regular Season outlook after Sochi. ...more

Is Tukka Rask a Top 3 Goaltender

When Finland was able to upset the hosting Russian hockey team on Wednesday the Russian fans along with general hockey fans were more than surprised. The Finish team was lead to the stunning upset by veteran Temmu Sellane and 37 saves from Boston fan favorite Tukka Rask. In a game where Russia out shot the Fins in all three periods, Tukka Rask was consistently called into action, and remains as one of the main reasons the Finnish team has gold medal hopes.....more

Phil Kessel Trade Keeps on Giving For Boston Bruins

Back in 2009 when the bruins traded Phil Kessel for three draft picks many Bruins fans were upset to let go of the prodigious offensive talent. Yet most fans see the trade as a success today, and this has only become more apparent with the new Tyler Seguin trade as the Kessel deal to Toronto Keeps on Giving....more