Supercharged Springtime Salads

Did you know that salads do not have to be filled with leafy greens to be considered a salad?  Nope they don't,  salads don't have to be all raw either.  Salads fill you while you are slimming down.  They can be a side dish to your main entree or they can be the entree itself.  They're versatile like that. They can be all fruit or vegetable and you can even throw some meat in there as well....more

Five Nourishing Recipes To Get You Excited About Fall

Okay, I give in. Fall is here (in the Northeast of the US) and it's not going away.  Cloudy, rainy, misty. We made our first fire in the fireplace last night.  Time to let go of the tomatoes, the last of the corn and summer squash and turn our attention to warming, heartier meals.  The cold weather naturally calls for it and so do we.  In the farmer's markets now are an abundance of pumpkins, winter squash, and Brussel sprouts all waiting for you to take them under your wing....more

Lemon Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Walnuts

Two years ago, I tried growing brussel sprouts in my garden. ...more