2014 Health Bucket List

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2014 Beauty Bucket List


My Reverse Bucket List

Ah, yet another idea borrowed from a fellow blogger!  I saw this post the other day about a Reverse Bucket List.  The author was listing cool things they had done that they hardly remember.  I thought this was a great idea for a post.  Now, I do remember most of these events, but the "reverse bucket list" is a great way to remember your life and things that really made a big impression on you.  It fits in well with the Thanksgiving holiday that is coming up as well.  These are some cool things I have done for which I am grateful....more

A Christmas Bucket List

Tomorrow marks exactly one month until Christmas, and though it's beginning to rear it's beautiful face in small touches around my house I am in no way ready. ...more

I Dream Of Weeping In Strawberry Fields


30 AFTER 30... The Adventure List

30 AFTER 30 (…the Adventure List)november 15, 2013 by jennifer kaufman 1 comment...more

Bucket List

NaBloPoMo Day 2 Once again choosing my own topic. :)...more

Syndicated on BlogHer? Yes, please!

If I actually had a bucket list (and really, I should take some time to translate those nebulous plans and wishes into writing, shouldn't I?), today would be a banner day. That's right - today a blogging wish of mine has come true, and I can mark one of those as-yet-as-to-be-created bucket list checkboxes as complete... ...more
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Importance of Going for Your Dreams

I'm a firm believer in enjoying life. Life can become so hectic that at times we forget about ourselves. Yes, it's important to take care of our loved ones, but it's crucial to make sure that we put that same effort in ourselves. Eventually our kids will leave and make their own lives. We want them to go after their dreams and goals, right? That same logic should apply to us as well. We have one life, one chance. ONE. At some point, each of us will pass....more

Thirty for Thirty Bucket List – 30 Acts of Kindness Upon 30 Years

I recently celebrated a milestone, my 30th birthday. When I look back and reminisce over my life, a constant theme ...more
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