Summer Bucket List

You might remember that a few months ago I did a spring bucket list. I might not have accomplished everything on the list, but I did pretty well! I’m back today to share my summer bucket list full of new tasks and activities I want to accomplish....more

2015 Summer Bucket List

I love summer. Even when it's excruciatingly hot, summer is my jam. As Olaf says, "I've always loved the idea of summer, and sun, and all things hot..." Love that little snowman....more

What A Twenty Something Needs To Add To Their Bucket List

We had a bucket list growing up right? Something like, play a sport, have a boyfriend, skinny dip... Even our twenties can have a bucket list and especially now as we are moving ever faster to the real adult life. ;) Here are some of the best things I could find around the internet that we should be doing in these Best years of our life! ...more

Bucket List

Bucket ListI was inspired by many other blogs I saw to do a bucket list. This is my first time and i’m really excited to continue to update it!...more

There's No Whining in Grape Stomping

 This was previously printed on the blog, Nurse Mommy LaughsThere it was. A full-bodied, agreeable red, with nice legs, a hint of unbalance and a spirituous finish....more

What's On My Bucket List?

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found myself wanting and hoping to accomplish more and more things in my life. And it seems like my newsfeeds are constantly filled up with people accomplishing their own items on their bucket lists. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I’ve never put these items to paper (or blog in this case) and thought it might very well be time to do just that. Especially since I want to make sure that in the next few years, these items get accomplished!...more

Summer Bucket List Redo bucket listStory and photos by Angie

15 Bucket List/Lifetime Goals Achieved So Far: The Dream vs. the Reality

Bucket ListWhen you’re a child and a 20-something, you dream of doing many things during your life. Although you don’t formally label it a bucket list — or a lifetime goal — that’s what it is....more

My Bucket List

You know, apart from the blogging bucket list I dreamed up awhile back, I've never actually had a proper Bucket List for the whole of my life. Sure, I have hopes, wishes, and dreams just like anybody else... but I haven't taken the time to transform them into something physical, something tangible, something beyond the confines of my thoughts. Something in writing. ...more

Do You Call Them Dish Clothes Or Rags

 One of the item on my bucket list was learn or re learn to crochet I did a little in high school. I made a dish rag doing single crochet stitch. Still need to tie the end of it off.I need a lot more practice. Stitches aren't even and haven't yet got the hang of counting. I tried to figure out the single crochet in book. It total confused me.  Also I been doing some ceramics. I wasn't sure how I like these color of Jesus clothes. All the painting and statues I seen. He always so clean and put together....more