7 Compulsory Life Experiences

    Some people have a bucket list or a stack of to do's, some people have regrets and disappointments.   Being the bossy type, I have a list of 'compulsory life experiences'. Some of these have a cheerful tick in the 'done' box, others not so much. ...more

Dreaming of Italy

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost two years since I created my list of 50 Things to do Before my 50th Birthday. With my 50th birthday less than two months away, and a lot of my list unfinished, I have been thinking that my list is more of a Wish List than a To Do list....more

If I will it, it will happen

I want to go drink margaritas and eat queso with Anna Kendrick, Sara Bareilles, and Jennifer Lawrence. Fuck and yes.What do you mean why? Because it would be awesome that's why! ...more

SEX BUCKET LIST - The Curvy Chronicles

A relative of mine who shall remain nameless had a goal to have sex in all 50 states in the USA.Once he’d shagged his sexy curvy wife in a state they’d color it on their Rand McNally Road Atlas and ready themselves for the next trip. They even had a color code system for certain ‘acts’ they performed in each state but that’s where my knowledge of their sex quest ends....more

A Sunrise List

Does anyone have a Bucket List?  A collection of dreams to accomplish before "kicking the bucket"?  I used to think this was an odd thing, making plans with your own death in the foreground.  But things have changed.  It's not a bad idea to be comfortable with your own mortality.  Makes life all the more sweeter!...more

Kick Ass Bucket List!

Bucket List....these words follow me around like the smell of cotton candy at the fair, the taste of tequila in the first margarita of the night or ugly lipstick that just won't rub off no matter how hard you try.I've written so many Bucket Lists that they all begin to run around in my head as the to-do list from hell.  I can't get away from them ~ and every time I see some really fabulous new travel show/magazine/Survivor episode/too many pics on Facebook, I say, "Oh, I should add that to my Bucket List!"...more

Hole-in-my-bucket List

How does a person re-invent herself without a publicist, a team, and a reality show?I could start big and lose 10% or so (35%?) of my body weight or trade in my mini-van for a hybrid....more
 @lakeschooling That is awesome! more

Life Questions

I haven’t made a Bucket List – I’m too much of an over-achiever.  However, I have devised my Life Questions List, a collection of critical inquiries to which I can only hope to find the answers in this lifetime.  And those are: How come you never find any gray hairs in your hairbrush?How come when you want to sleep you can’t, and when you need to stay awake you can’t keep your eyes open?How come the models for anti-aging beauty products are always 20-somethings?...more

17 Things I've Learned in the Last 5 Years (about life at this age)

Birthdays, like reunions, are occasions for looking back--and since my birthday is tomorrow, I thought I'd share with you as I promised in my last post what I learned in the past half decade. I was surprised how much more of life has come into focus. I was shooting for 5 things but stopped at 17 because I know your time is precious....more