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If I actually had a bucket list (and really, I should take some time to translate those nebulous plans and wishes into writing, shouldn't I?), today would be a banner day. That's right - today a blogging wish of mine has come true, and I can mark one of those as-yet-as-to-be-created bucket list checkboxes as complete... ...more
@Rita Arens So excited!more

Importance of Going for Your Dreams

I'm a firm believer in enjoying life. Life can become so hectic that at times we forget about ourselves. Yes, it's important to take care of our loved ones, but it's crucial to make sure that we put that same effort in ourselves. Eventually our kids will leave and make their own lives. We want them to go after their dreams and goals, right? That same logic should apply to us as well. We have one life, one chance. ONE. At some point, each of us will pass....more

Thirty for Thirty Bucket List – 30 Acts of Kindness Upon 30 Years

I recently celebrated a milestone, my 30th birthday. When I look back and reminisce over my life, a constant theme ...more
Love this, hope you're list is going well :)more

Our 2013 Summertime Bucket List!

The last few days of Spring were rough.  I have no idea why it seems that things were insane all around me.  However, I am more than happy to move on to summer; it’s my favorite season anyway....more

My Bucket List

What is a bucket list?  Many people mention they can cross that trip, item, ect. off their bucket list but do they really have one written down or typed up.  I am one of those individuals that will say, oh I can cross that off of my bucket list or add that to my bucket list but I don't really have one written down (or in this case typed) anywhere.....more

7 Compulsory Life Experiences

    Some people have a bucket list or a stack of to do's, some people have regrets and disappointments.   Being the bossy type, I have a list of 'compulsory life experiences'. Some of these have a cheerful tick in the 'done' box, others not so much. ...more

Dreaming of Italy

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost two years since I created my list of 50 Things to do Before my 50th Birthday. With my 50th birthday less than two months away, and a lot of my list unfinished, I have been thinking that my list is more of a Wish List than a To Do list....more

If I will it, it will happen

I want to go drink margaritas and eat queso with Anna Kendrick, Sara Bareilles, and Jennifer Lawrence. Fuck and yes.What do you mean why? Because it would be awesome that's why! ...more

SEX BUCKET LIST - The Curvy Chronicles

A relative of mine who shall remain nameless had a goal to have sex in all 50 states in the USA.Once he’d shagged his sexy curvy wife in a state they’d color it on their Rand McNally Road Atlas and ready themselves for the next trip. They even had a color code system for certain ‘acts’ they performed in each state but that’s where my knowledge of their sex quest ends....more