Life Questions

I haven’t made a Bucket List – I’m too much of an over-achiever.  However, I have devised my Life Questions List, a collection of critical inquiries to which I can only hope to find the answers in this lifetime.  And those are: How come you never find any gray hairs in your hairbrush?How come when you want to sleep you can’t, and when you need to stay awake you can’t keep your eyes open?How come the models for anti-aging beauty products are always 20-somethings?...more

17 Things I've Learned in the Last 5 Years (about life at this age)

Birthdays, like reunions, are occasions for looking back--and since my birthday is tomorrow, I thought I'd share with you as I promised in my last post what I learned in the past half decade. I was surprised how much more of life has come into focus. I was shooting for 5 things but stopped at 17 because I know your time is precious....more

Ten things you don't know about me

Since we’re friends and all now, I thought it was high time I told you guys a little more about who I am when I’m NOT blogging.1. I’m not that into texting. Literally the only person I regularly communicate with via text message is my hubby. I do generally eventually respond to people via text, but it can take me a few days. So if you text me and it takes some time to get back to you, I apologize!...more

Best Friends, Bucket Lists and the Newspaper!


An Accidentally (Or Not?) Childfree Bucket List

Drew and I went to San Francisco last weekend to visit our friends Ben and Caroline, and I was struck by a pretty powerful observation on the way up. We’d decided to drive, because we’re crazy and don’t mind an insanely long road trip, and it gives us time to have nice long chats. And probably half of all those chats are prompted by one of us saying,“Wouldn’t it be cool if someday we…”This trip was no exception. By the time we hit the Bay Bridge, we determined that it would be pretty awesome if we could:...more

On My List

There are a couple things on my bucket list that I would like to accomplish before too long.  They are nothing fancy, but are things I've always wanted to learn....more

Kraken Dreams Up A List

Kraken’s Kettle ListI’m a sucker for bucket lists. I like gazing into someone’s thoughts, values and desires. It's intriguing reading between the lines and teasing out a deeper meaning. I’ve never attempted to record mine. When asked, I will rattle off what comes to me and quickly forget them. I think it’s time to commit my dreams to cyber space and see what the universe sends my way.Places I Want to See...more
 @motherofnine9 Thanks Melanie. I'm good at dreaming big.more

What's On Your Bucket List?!

Why write a bucket list? Well, if you don't live your days by personal goals and plans, chances are you'll wind up getting caught up with all the day-to-day chaos in your life. The whole point of a bucket list is to maximize every moment we have and to live our lives to the fullest. A bucket list is a reminder of what we  want to achieve (instead of wasting precious time on pointless activities!)....more

Gentle January

January. A Fresh Start. A Time to reflect, but also the perfect time to look ahead....more

It's January First and I'm Not Resolved

So, all last week I was tossing around ideas about the fabulous post I wanted to write to bring closure to 2011. It didn't happen. The last few days I've been struggling to get anything done and ended up posting absolutely nothing. By the end of the day yesterday I'd decided I was done with one step forward, ten steps back. I decided to stop trying to do anything. I spent a few minutes thinking positive thoughts and tried to get some sleep. The year ended with no celebration (unless you count the silent cheer I made when L. went to sleep with very little fuss). ...more