Ultimate Walt Disney World Bucket List

So I did a bucket list on here a couple years back. I have got a good portion of the things checked off the list, but have discovered that without spending a lots of money on dining and resort stays that I really don't have anything to pursue while at the parks. I was not specific enough with my list. I left a lot of things off and have learned so much about the parks in the last 2 years. I have also eliminated some of my roller coaster fears....more

Fall Bucket List

Fall Bucket List...more

Birthday Shuffle V - Day 12 - Living Life

When your husband surprises you with thisfor your birthday...  One song just isn't going to be enough... &...more

Offbeat Holidays in June - 44 June Bucket List Ideas

We like to do snacks, crafts, and activities based on weird holidays. Every day is an excuse to celebrate something. We need no excuse to party. This was intended to be a quick post, since I look up this kind of stuff anyways, but instead it grew into a giant roundup of celebratoriness. This is, perhaps, the best post ever. SO MUCH FUN in one post! It's like a bucket list for the month of June. This post has a lot of ideas homeschoolers and preschool moms could use to take a break from the pesky worksheets and stuff....more

This Holiday Visit a New City

The weather outside is turning frightful, so it’s time to start thinking about heading somewhere warmer, or at least somewhere more interesting, for the holiday season. While sitting around the fire at home can be an awesome experience, it’s also a good time to check a destination or two off your travel bucket list. Here are just a few of our favorites:...more

2014 Bucket List Update

I wrote my first ever bucket list 3 months ago. On it, there were many things that I considered to be goals. I'd previously thought that a bucket list had to be a compilation of fun and adventurous things only, then learned different and decided to write my own. Since that time, a few things have happened, and new things have been unofficially added to the list. But, since it has been 3 months and I only gave myself 6 months to get 25 things completed, I think it's high time I do an update. 2014 Bucket List! ...more

Mid-Year Bucket List

I recently read about a Summer Bucket list from the Crafty Side of Sarcasm and thought to myself, "I can do this. I can make a bucket list for a period of time, not my whole life at once or many years." So, here I am making and publishing a bucket list....more

Alaska Bucket List

More seasoned military families frequently advise us to approach each duty station as tourists. "Do as much as you can during your time there. Try to see EVERYTHING!"  We have our sights set high for our time in Alaska! (I did my best at Ft. Benning even though Kyle was gone so much, but lets be honest about Columbus....) ...more

Music Monday! London Calling

London is calling!...more

Weekend Bucket List