A wander along the paths being made by women Buddhist bloggers

I decided to take a stroll down the blog paths of Buddhist women today, just to enjoy some of the fine spiritual writing and insights to be found there. I encourage you to take this journey with me. It is helpful to see through the eyes and hearts of others who believe differently. There is value to be found in understanding. If you are Buddhist and/or you know of other women Buddhist bloggers of note, please add them in comments to this entry. ...more

For me someone's spirit defines or determines who they are...but I see what you mean regarding ...more

Finding Happiness

There is a certain kind of person that leans towards happiness. I admire that kind of person. Some religions and/or spiritual paths seem to be pretty sure that happiness comes from within and that it is within your control. Frankly, this blows my mind. ...more

I just find I have days when what is right and what is wrong ...more

Is There a Buddha in the White House?

I read A Path with a Heart by Jack Kornfield several years ago and one story that never left me was a Buddhist exercise in which you are to imagine that everyone around you, from your friends, family and coworkers to the person next in line at the grocery story, is an enlightened Buddha and they are all trying to teach you something. The game is to imagine that you are the only one who doesn't "get it" and your task is to learn the lesson the Buddhas are trying to teach you. ...more

Vesak: Buddha's Birthday and more

Vesak (or Baisākh , depending on one's branch of Buddhism) is today in many countries. It is a celebration of the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha, commonly referred to as "Buddha's Birthday", but more accurately a celebration of his life and wisdom. ...more

Living in the flipping, slippery, mecurial, exasperating, exhausting NOW; or how the Buddhists keep teaching me lessons.

"Live in the Now." I swear I have heard this phrase almost like a mantra for my whole life. It has slipped through the lips of therapists, pals, professors, pastors, rabbis and career counselors. I have seen it written, heard it sung, whispered and shouted. On the one hand it is sensible advice, and obvious as an October pumpkin in a flower-patch. On the other hand it is the most elusive of tasks, requiring a mindfulness that seems to slide out from under me given half a chance. ...more

true enough, living is a spiritual practice! It is so grounded in focus.

~~ ...more