Two Days Of Blessings

Having Saturday and Sunday with no in home care is sure a blessing. I have to say LaWalla had to deal with the crazies when they were having there moment.So I got my pay check and made a list where the money is going to.Up to $350 for what every happen in life. This should cover food, fuel, and what one never believe is going to happen in life.$200 on pick up. It needs a muffler and a speed odometer. Later on we will pick up a battery for it....more

Budgeting Your Money


Our Community First Quilt Show


Out of Control Spending

Clothing Your Kids on a Dime Without Sacrificing Style

Am I the only one that gets serious green-eyed jealousy when I see kids all over social media in clothes and shoes that cost more than anything in my own closet? I practically salivate over baby Zara or Crewcuts. ...more
Oh, those are really good prices! I am jealous. The ones in our city are nowhere near that ...more

How to Decorate on a Budget

 What are some things you can do to decorate your home on a budget? Consider these ideas: 1....more