Kid Pajamas

My kids constantly seem to be needing new pajamas. They are either moving up a size or the weather is changing. My toddler seemed to go through a growth spurt overnight this week. She was ready to move up a size. I'm not a fan of buying pajamas for me or the girls. There is so much else I would rather spend money on, and pajamas just seem overpriced to me. Today I was in Walmart looking for a new jogging stroller and decided I would stroll around the kids clothing section. I've never bought anything clothes wise from Walmart, but figured it couldn't hurt to see their options....more

The Mature Way to Travel New York

The Mature Way to do New York Right ...more

Two Days Of Blessings

Having Saturday and Sunday with no in home care is sure a blessing. I have to say LaWalla had to deal with the crazies when they were having there moment.So I got my pay check and made a list where the money is going to.Up to $350 for what every happen in life. This should cover food, fuel, and what one never believe is going to happen in life.$200 on pick up. It needs a muffler and a speed odometer. Later on we will pick up a battery for it....more

Clothing Your Kids on a Dime Without Sacrificing Style

Am I the only one that gets serious green-eyed jealousy when I see kids all over social media in clothes and shoes that cost more than anything in my own closet? I practically salivate over baby Zara or Crewcuts. ...more
Oh, those are really good prices! I am jealous. The ones in our city are nowhere near that ...more