5 Bad Habits to Break if You Want to Get Out of Debt

When it comes to handling our finances, we all make mistakes from time to time. If you’re looking to get out of debt, there are certain financial habits you must break in order to be successful. Check out this article to find out more....more

Wine-Budget or Splurge?

You shouldn't have to give up your wine habit during divorce.  Although it is a time to get serious about budgeting (I don't know anyone who's income increases during divorce), that doesn't mean we have to drink wine from a box! Trivia Q: Who said...”There has been this snobbery around wine that makes it seem exclusive.  It’s not true.  It isn’t, because wine is for everybody and it’s fantastic stuff.”   Find out at the end of the post…...more

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Enchiladas

This is a definite meat-free favourite with everyone I know. Carnivore to the core? We'll see about that.There is bags of flavour and tonnes of nutrients from these vegetarian enchiladas. The mix of spinach, black beans, sweet potato, tomatoes and onions provides you with a variety of nutrients (adhering to the 'eat your way around the rainbow' style diet). And the real beauty of this dinner is that you don't have to cook the root veg first. Instead, the sweet potato is grated in, so you almost forget it's there....more

Indulging on a Budget

(Image courtesy of Conde Nast Traveler)...more
@Karen Ballum  Mmmm, S'mac.more

Having a Baby on a Budget: What a Baby Really Needs

There is an old joke that asks “How is copper wire made?” The answer, “Give a penny to two Dutch-men and watch them fight for it.” I’m Dutch. I was born in the Netherlands and, though I’m not tall with blond hair and blue eyes, I have a few qualities that are often attributed to my heritage....more

4 Rules for a Clothing Budget

Now that I am a mom, a wife, and a new homeowner, I have come to realize that I have to set a clothing budget. That is a whole lot of change in such a short-time period (a little over a year). I am telling you about my budget in the hopes that you will be keep me accountable. ...more
I do! I'm not a shopper so if I didn't set aside money dedicated to clothes, I end up not buying ...more

Stacking Books ~ Saving Money

Had I known the drastic difference my not-so quick and not so simple clean up would make on my creative space, I would have taken pictures.Lo!I didn't.This is the best "messy shot" I have. Boo....more

The Grand Canyon: Cheap & Calm in Peak Season

Grand Canyon National Park is a beautiful and exciting destination. The natural beauty and the unique landscape make it a trip to remember. Unfortunately, it’s one of the busiest National Parks in the US, with mid-day line ups at the South Gate lasting several hours. It can also be incredibly expensive, with deluxe rooms at the historic El Tovar lodge running into hundreds of dollars a night. Tusayan village, located right outside the main gates, has a bit of reputation for overpriced hotels and restaurants – a real tourist trap....more