No Cost Style Tweaks - Day 5

patriciaappelquist  I actually read that this "look" is sometimes referred to as a cape look. ...more

Tall Girl Finds: Jumpsuits!

 Here are a few fun Jumpsuits that are not only transitional but are the perfect fit for the taller woman!!!...more

A Few Tips on how to Avoid Buyers Remorse

 We have all felt it... The fearful stirring deep in our gut after gazing at our bank account, when we discover that forgotten item lurking at the back of our closet, or after standing on a unnaturally long return line wondering  "Why the fu*k did I buy this?!"... it's called Buyer's Remorse. Since going on a budget journey this year i've realized how serious my BR (buyer's remorse) illness has been and developed a few skills on how to scale back. Here are a few simple tips and your pockets will thank you for it."But it's on Sale!!"...more

“The fears that once controlled me can't get to me at all” – I love this line from the Sound track to Frozen.

**Update on the swimwear line I "fearlessly" :), launched on kickstarter, the story just got featured on ABCNEWS!!      I am so glad that I felt the fear and did it anyway!**...more
inspiration2014 Great! I am glad I can add even a tiny bit to push you towards your destiny! I ...more

Video: How to Re-Mix Your Wardrobe!

Shop your closet and create new outfits to wear now. -PJ Gach ...more

Amelia's high heels

Amelia Bell of Cornelius, North Carolina wears heels all the time even if she cleans her house. Amelia, a Bisdak (Bisayang dako or Visayan grown) like me, was born in Medellin town, northern Cebu which is part of the Visayas group of islands in the Philippines....more

Developing my clothes sense

 I'M no fashionista or sophisticate when it comes to   clothing. I use clothes that are available for me. I have  no preference at all.Any clothes that I am comfortable wearing especially   jeans and shirts makes my life easy because it's most convenient for the kind of work that I did most of my   adult life....more

Behind The Scenes With Le Jolie

A few weeks ago, I discovered the website Le Jolie through one of my lovely Twitter friends, Sarah Winchester. I saw her tweeting all about it and this fashionista needed to know the scoop....more

No clothes for 6 months…

No clothes for 6 months… I went in my closet and saw I have and addiction to clothes! There are clothes everywhere and things I forgot I have. Clothes I have not ever worn. Things I have bought and did not return that needed to be. How much wasted money did I spend on all this? I would say thousands over the years. Here is the important conclusion I came to; there are millions of people out there that go without. I could be doing something better with that money. Also why do I do that? It fills a void. Now what is that void? I have to look at it....more

The Fab Dutchness Philosophy

I have been making some major changes to my life and career and I wanted the changes to be reflected on Fab Dutchness. I wanted my blog to go back to it's original roots but with a more refined philosophy. I want my personal fashion and lifestyle blog to reflect me. I believe that you can dress, live and feel fabulous regardless of size, age or budget. I have always had an eye for the fab things in life. But I believe that embracing our imperfections makes us truly fabulous. ...more